Artist Shows The Dark Side Of Zodiac Signs, The Sketches Are Creepy AF

For too long now, astrologers have pulled their punches when it comes to the zodiac. They’ve sugar-coated the message in an attempt to protect us from the harsh realities of life. This has never been more obvious than with the sun sign symbols being depicted as friendly animals or majestic humans or, in the case of Libra, a benign pair of scales. Well, Ohio artist Shawn Coss has decided it’s time to show us what really lurks behind the astrology veneer, and his 60,000 Instagram fans can’t get enough of it.

 As Shawn has methodically re-created the symbols representing each of the 12 signs of the zodiac – he’s been inundated with requests from people to get them tattooed on their bodies. “I love the creepy, and I love the unsettling,” says Shawn. “Probably why I never enjoyed painting scenery of flowers and mountains.” For those who like their astrology with a touch of vinegar, check out Shawn’s zodiac art below… and our helpful descriptions alongside.

zodiac, horoscope, aries

Aries make excellent leaders and the type of people you’d want by your side in a scrap. But if you’re down and you want someone to indulge your fears and insecurities, don’t call an Aries.

zodiac, horoscope, taurus

Taureans are solid, hardworking and stubborn. But if you have a roommate who’s a Taurus, be sure to put your name on all your food. Or better still, lock it in a safe.

zodiac, horoscope,  gemini

The Gemini twins are great at talking. They make excellent debaters, lawyers, politicians and actors. A lot of what comes out of their mouths is wonderful, but it’s so difficult to shut them up.

Cancerians are creative and sensitive. Too sensitive. They cry A LOT. They’re probably crying reading this.
zodiac, horoscope, leo

Leos are the best partiers in the zodiac. Also, if you think astrology is rubbish, find the nearest Leo in your office and look at their hair. Tell us it doesn’t resemble a mane.

zodiac, horoscope, virgo
Virgos can’t stand people with sloppy workspaces or minds. Those born under this sign have enormous potential which they won’t fulfill because they’re obsessed with the small stuff.
zodiac, horoscope, libra

Libras are always weighing up the pros and cons. Right now, they’re pretty sure this article is a joke. But it could also be serious. Too hard to say.

zodiac, horoscope, scorpio

Scorpios are an emotional tidal wave. And if you don’t treat every one of their problems with the attention they think it deserves, then get ready to be stung.

zodiac, horoscope, sagittarius
Sagittarii are sweet, witty and clumsy. If you see a person tripping over nothing – then they’ll be a Sagittarius. But the chances are they’ll make a hilarious joke out of it before you do.
zodiac, horoscope, capricorn
Capricorns are rich, but they can’t dance and are often cranky. You know those people who grumble in the comments section? All Capricorns.
zodiac, horoscope, aquarius
Aquarius are smart, creative and excel in the arts. You might think your Aquarius friend is sweet, but know this – he or she thinks they’re better than you.
zodiac, horoscope, pisces
Pisces are dreamers. Look up from your computer. See the person staring out the window? Pisces.

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