Baby Born With No Eyeballs Seeking Loving Family Home After Being Put Up For Adoption

According to Russian medics, baby Sasha is one of only three babies registered in the world with no eyeballs at all.

Adoption chiefs in Russia are seeking a loving home for a ‘unique’ baby boy born with no eyes, The Siberian Times reports.

His young mother had been raised in an orphanage, and decided to give up her baby before he was born as she didn’t feel confident she’d be able to give him the life he needed.

A nurse in the Siberian city of Tomsk – who is now caring for the six-month-old boy – said: “He is no different to other children, he plays and smiles just like any healthy baby.

“He loves playing and adores swimming.

“He is a very cheerful baby indeed.”

He is believed to have an extreme form of the rare SOX2 anophthalmia syndrome, which afflicts one in a quarter of a million.

According to Russian medics, Sasha is one of only three babies registered in the world with no eyeballs at all, although he is seen as ‘unique’ in the sense that most babies born with the condition also have multiple other ailments.

Tomsk doctor Tatiana Rudnikovich said: “Sasha is going through all regular check ups and tests like any other baby of his age.

“He is doing well.”



Sadly, however, medics currently believe there is ‘no chance’ that Sasha will ever see.

It continues: “He smiles back as soon as he hears familiar voices.

“His mother signed his refusal papers in the maternity hospital.

“There is no information about Alexander’s father and there is a ‘dash’ in his birth certificate where it should have been a name of the father.

“Alexander is up for adoption or foster care.”

In the first instance, Sasha is up for adoption with Russian parents, but if no suitable parents come forward he could go to foreign guardians – although there are currently restrictions to adoptions to the US.

Sacha’s carer nurse recently took him 2,500 miles to St Petersburg, where surgeons implanted tiny eye orbs to ensure that his face is not deformed as he grows.

He will now need such operations every six months or so, each time increasing the size of the orbs.

There are only thought to be two other cases of babies born without eyes registered in the world – the most well-known of which is baby Archie Innes, now two.

He was born to Scottish parents Fiona and Steven Gould – who currently live in Sydney, Australia – who were told about Archie’s condition 31 weeks into her pregnancy.

In Archie’s case, the child has also experienced severe gross motor delay, mild-to-moderate hearing impairment and moderate aspiration.

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