Badass Hidden Mandalas Is The Hottest New Hair Trend

1. The Lotus Undercut

The trend, which is taking off on Instagram under the hashtags #HairTattoos and #Undercuts, gives a perfect twist to a summer updo. (theodoraraptis /

3. The Flower Undercut

There’s so many designs to choose from. From freehand designs to floral designs, some more intricate than others. (erjjaaa /

4. The Triangle Undercut

Madison Beer’s tiny triangle undercut is perfect for newcomers to the trend who aren’t ready to go for a bold design. (madisonbeer/

5. The Chevron Undercut

It’s also a bold way to elevate a traditional side undercut. (ginaserrvello /

6. The Linear Undercut

Geometric designs are the most popular on the hashtag. (theodoraraptis /

7. The Arrows Undercut

It looks even more incredible with some colourfully dyed locks. (valentinboutym /

8. The Zig Zag Undercut

We’re warning you now though, once you get one, you’re going to be obsessed with it.(daniellemarie1686 /

9. The Diamond Undercut

Some designs don’t even need to be dramatic to have a gorgeous effect. (freakmdz /

10. The Pyramid Lotus Undercut

It doesn’t even matter what length your hair is because they look incredible on both long and short cuts. (samohaidar_ /

11. The Heart Undercut

Not all of them have to be bold and obvious either, this tiny little heart design on dyed hair looks amazing. (bescene /

12. The Mandala Undercut

Another popular design is the intricate Mandala design. (hairbyjon /

13. The Geometic Undercut

They’re also perfect for those who love to show their creativity through their hair and style but need to keep it low-key for work or school. (thefoxandthehair /

14. The Pink Undercut

If you’ve got short hair, you can totally wear your hair down with the design. (dollishtoy /

15. The Asymmetic Undercut

If you’re not into the standard triangle design, you can opt for an asymmetrical cut too. (glennaugust /

16. The Two Tone Undercut

The finished results of a hidden hair tattoo, no matter what the design, always look badass. (presleypoe /

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