Cat Snuck Into A Zoo Enclosure And Made Best Friends With A Lynx

Visiting the zoo is a fun and educational experience for people of all ages. That’s why it’s become a popular pastime for families. Along with having quality time together, parents can teach their kids and learn at the same time about all the different animals. By taking tons of photos, they can memorialize the experience.

Because zoos are filled with so many unique animals, you just never know what to expect. We’ve seen videos of tigers creeping up on children, monkeys playing patty-cake between the glass, and yes, a gorilla who flipped off a visitor. Those are examples of human and animal interactions. But there are also things that go on between the animals.

Making friends with the outside

They say that cats have nine lives. I’m not sure about you, but I’m guessing the average feline would’ve lost all of them pulling a stunt like this. But for whatever reason, this cat’s unique. This isn’t something you see or hear about very often, if ever…a cat and lynx befriend one another.

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Free to roam

Cats are curious creatures. Both domestic and feral breeds love spending time outdoors. Often, they’ll be gone for an entire day, sometimes longer while exploring the world around them. That means they can easily gain access to places that humans can’t. A prime example, the St. Petersburg’s Zoo after visiting hours. There, the lynx is one of the zoo’s many attractions.

Source: St. Petersburg’s Zoo

There are no boundaries when it comes to friendship

Every day, we see people who share a special bond. Sometimes, we wonder “how on earth those two became friends.” The fact is that when it comes to friendship, there are no limitations. That was never more evident than when a beautiful calico kitten entered the St. Petersburg’s Zoo only to develop a special connection with another cat — a lynx.

Source: Love Meow

They were more like soul mates

Come to find out, this gorgeous kitty had no home. At the same time, it appeared as though the lynx was quite lonely. While still young, the kitten desperately needed to find food, warmth, and shelter. To her, it didn’t matter where any of that came from. Instinctively, she just wanted to survive.

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They quickly bonded

While no one’s sure how the initial meet and greet went, I’d like to imagine something like this. A cold, tired kitten walks into a zoo. After meandering around for a while, she spots a larger cat with the same coloring. In her mind, “That’s my mom.” Without hesitation, she makes her way to the lynx and with confidence, snuggles up in her warm fur.

Source: Love Meow

Things get even better

It wasn’t long before workers at the zoo noticed the kitten inside the lynx enclosure. Watching, they quickly realized that not only was the lynx okay with sharing her space but she was also being protective of the little feline. Seeing that these two had a special bond, the zoo decided to adopt the cat.

Source: Momtastic

Word spread quickly

With news stories of the unlikely duo everywhere, it didn’t take long for people to learn about the kitten and the lynx. Visitors would come from near and far to witness the relationship in person. They would take videos through the glass of the two feline species cleaning and grooming one another. It was truly amazing to see.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/Ignoramusky

Not a care in the world

Even with tons of people staring at them through a glass partition, they didn’t seem to notice. These two were more focused on cuddling than anything else. Once in awhile, one of them would look up to see what all the oohs and awes were about but that didn’t last long. It’s no wonder so many individuals immediately fell in love with this pair.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/Ignoramusky

All grown up

When this calico first came to the zoo, she was still tiny and young. Now that’s she’s a full-grown cat, you’d think that things might’ve changed. No way. This calico and European lynx remain best friends. Just like from the beginning, they’re still inseparable today.

Source: Facebook/Nadia Stekolshikova

Nothing has really changed

The only two differences are the cat’s change in size and the fact the Zoo now puts enough food in the enclosure for two as opposed to one. They love to cuddle, play, and clean each other daily. As you can imagine, this exhibit at the St. Petersburg’s Zoo is now more popular than ever.

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If you’re ever in Russia, be sure to schedule a trip to the St. Petersburg Zoo. That way, you can see these two stunning animals for yourself. This story is a great reminder for anyone who struggles with making friends. Be open to possibilities…you never know who’ll unexpectedly walk into your life.

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