Earthquake Video Proves Labor & Delivery Nurses Are True Heroes

It’s no secret that nurses are the true heroes of the delivery room. But they’re pretty incredible after the babies are born, too. A viral video shows how a team of nurses came together in seconds to protect an entire nursery full of newborns during an earthquake, and it’s got the Internet cheering.

The video, posted on Reddit, shows the first few seconds in a hospital nursery after an earthquake strikes.

Six nurses are scattered around the room, feeding babies and placing them back into their bassinets, when suddenly the room starts shaking. Within seconds, each nurse jumps up and clusters the bassinets together in the center of the room to protect the newborns.


The origins of the video are unknown but the nurses’ quick thinking has people all over the Internet singing their praises.



“Very cool to see a room full of great people,” one person wrote on Reddit.



This person said it best: What a bunch of badasses.



Source:  TSCM

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