Full Moon In Aquarius On August 3rd Will Push Us Into Emotional Overdrive

The symbolic meaning of Aquarius is compassion, and this sign depicts a woman bearing a jug of water on her shoulder.  The water signifies deep feelings, anguish and strife of the universe whilst the woman represents the healer in us all.

Although these emotions that are signified are ‘heavy’,  Aquarius has the innate ability to alter them to become light.  The water runs off her without being absorbed or becoming a part of her.  Her ability to seek the truth by way of utilizing her elevated mind to cleanse the water before it returns to Earth, is the essence of being an air sign.

The greatest challenges we all face on our journey to enlightenment or the higher consciousness, is how our world suffers.  We all have the Aquarian force within us and in particular on this Full Moon, guidance will come to beget healing, lightness and love to all is prevalent.

Pertinent questions need to be asked such as; How can it be possible to be a symbol of love emitting happiness when there is an abundance of pain and suffering around us? How is is possible to live in a ‘bubble of love and light’ whilst being surrounded by war, fear and desperate famine every single minute of every single day?

Since February we have not had a standard full moon, all have been Supermoons or Lunar Eclipses. In August this full moon, is named the Sturgeon Moon and the reason for this is it corresponds with copious fish hauls. Other names are the Green Corn Moon or the Grain Moon and it will rise at sunset, peaking at midnight and set at sunrise worldwide.

This full moon balances with Uranus in Taurus that strongly suggests to  “expect the unexpected and be prepared to be pushed in emotional overdrive”

A challenge to each other, as the sun and moon in opposition to each other, Leo and Aquarius at odds will bring a series of strong emotions. Some very powerful and difficult, but also invigorating and inspiring taking us on a cosmic journey of loops and bounds, pushing us to our limits.

Creativity and childhood are characterized by the Leo sun, whereas the full moon in Aquarius is a like powerful dose of intrusive bright light blazing its’ justification,  that can be blinding to Leo’s impetuous creativity. Aquarius functions in an systematic manner, whilst Leo functions from the heart – this can cause an almighty clash.

Breaking down the barriers and opening space for happier and more functional patterns to emerge. This combination of Aquarius who is the leader in change, the one who is prepared to sacrifice and not conform, the one who is there to break those emotional barriers in the blink of an eye; Where Leo has a strong sense of self-belief in his own story and his enormous generosity and objectives causes some strife as both have a definite need to be right.  Aquarius can verge on being mean and ruthless when his intelligence is undermined or misunderstood instead of being taken objectively. It is almost as if the water heaves with a committed sense of just going to the right place no matter what.

Our focus during this somewhat turbulent time both before, during and after this full moon, is to be mindful of the measure of how great the psychic and physical energies will be and the enhanced emotional state we will all be in. Seeking ways to communicate more effectively without anger will be our challenge.

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