Gecko Just Got His Adorable Mini-Me And He Can’t Help But Smile At It

The internet is flooded with cutesy pictures of puppies and kittens, but not that often of gecko’s! I am one of those who adore gecko’s!

This gecko named Kohaku, is from Japan and is now 6 years old. He achieved a bit of fame back in 2017, as who could not just ‘ooohhh and ahhhh’ at that gorgeous grin. His owner got him a toy gecko that looks just like him in mini-form, to keep him company. It does not seem to matter whether Kohaku realises if his pal is real or not, they are most certainly best friends anyway.

The smile on his face says it all doesn’t it?


Adorable Gecko Just Got His Mini-Me And He Can't Help But Smile At It


Kohaku even has his own Instagram account that has 31 000 followers.  Having this adorable grin and of course all the cute pictures of him and his best buddy cuddling together has earned him and his mini-me a social media fame.
Fame for Kohaku  began in May 2017 when Taylor Nicole Dean shared some pictures of him and his toy with the quote “Look how happy this little gecko is with his gecko toy”.  Well it went viral!
Mini-me has a name too, his name is Chinmari and he also has gained attraction as so many people want to buy the same toy too. But, it seems Chinmari is unique as he came from a vending machine in Japan and a similar one has yet to be found again.
Adorable Gecko Just Got His Mini-Me And He Can't Help But Smile At It
Don’t be fooled by Kohaku’s grin, this breed of geckos can actually be quite aggressive and protective of their territory. It is common for males to fight if they are kept in the same enclosure, but not only male on male fighting it prevalent, sometimes even males and females can have issues! It has been said they should be given their own space, so perhaps this toy version of a mate could be the ideal scenario.
Worldwide people enquire about Kohaku’s well being and if he is happy. Well, judging from him being willing to have so many pictures taken, and even playing up to the camera with a cheeky tongue sticking out to a mischievous wink, it certainly seems he is happy!
Reptile Magazine said “These hardy saurians come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes and is a great species for the home. Imagine a lizard that can vocalize and wash an eye with its tongue without any problem. There’s a friendly dinosaur in this small package.”
With all the negativity around in the world recently, this story is lighthearted and hopefully has made you smile too.  Source:Instagram/@589_tomo
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