Hairless Guinea Pigs Exist And They Look Like Mini Hippos

Surfing the internet, as many of us do to bide our time to find out more about interesting things in the world (isn’t it just wonderful to have this at our fingertips?!) led us to be delightfully enlightened of a breed of guinea pigs with no fur – they look just like a tiny version of a hippopotamus!

No fur?  How is that possible? Do people shave them?

Well, short answer is no, they are not shaved – actually it would virtually be impossible to shave them, never mind it being an extremely cruel thing to do too! It is a common misconception that it is assumed that they are shaved.

Known as “Skinny Pigs” this breed actually does have some hair on its body that is found on their muzzles, feet and legs.

So, with more than a passing likeness to baby hippos to captivate us and as many of us are drawn to being fascinated with miniatures; pictures of these strange little creatures went viral rapidly.

It is considered that the Skinny Pig stemmed from a mix between the hairless lab strain and the haired guinea pigs and that it was more than likely caused by a impulsive genetic mutation that was first recorded in 1978.

In 1982, these Skinny Pigs were sent to Charles River Laboratories to establish a breeding programme with them.  They are now commonly known to be used in dermatology studies.

The Skinny pigs popularity as a pet in peoples homes has gained as much attraction as their popularity in the labs.

An interesting fact between the regular and the skinny breed, is that although the skinny breed has a complete thymus and a regular immune system with no substantial psychological variances, they do need to eat significantly more to preserve their body heat.

This would certainly appeal to some of us that would like to eat what we want and remain slim!

Although a comparatively new pet for the home in the 1990’s, these skinny pigs gained popularity in Canada, Europe and Russia as pets.

Not for everyone, but even if you are not keen on guinea pigs as pets, these do have a certain unusual appeal to them.


Of course, people were amazed by this adorable breed

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