Intense First Full Moon Of 2020 Goes Combined With Lunar Eclipse On January 10th

When the Full Moon falls in your zodiac sign, ancients believe that this activates the pineal gland, the part of the brain that secretes melatonin. This will allow you to connect with the cosmos on a deeper level as well as the higher dimensions surrounding you.

This usually happens once a year when your sign gets its own Full Moon, which is like you’re being given access to special energies that will lead you through the next year. However, in 2019 there was one sign that didn’t get their own Full Moon.

The people that were skipped last year were born under the Cancer Sun. So if your Sun sign is Cancer, you have missed out on the possibility to receive the wisdom and higher levels that come with having the Full Moon in your sign.

However, Cancer won’t be left out entirely, as the first 2020 Full Moon will fall in this sign on January 10th. It’s not your average Full Moon either, it’s actually a Lunar Eclipse.

Whenever there is a Lunar Eclipse, it’ll be on a Full Moon day which will then be super powerful. Because the Cancer missed out in 2019 they can expect an extra intense Eclipse. If you’re a Cancer, you can use this moment to shine your light even more than usual!

Even if you’re not a Cancer, you are still going to experience the energy of the Cancer, which will radiate intensely.

Additionally, the Sun and four other planets will be in Capricorn, which is known as a Stellium. This will bring even more energy.

The Capricorn energy will try to take over Cancer’s emotional sensitivity but this might only make things worse. Cancer is not going to allow practical and logical Capricorn to take over and swoop this moment away. It will rise up and show us its strong power which we’re not going to be able to let go by unnoticed.


Accelerated energy brought on by the Lunar Eclipse will help us shift and let go of things that no longer serve us.

This energy can also bring forth resolutions we need to make. This can sometimes feel quite harsh considering we don’t always feel ready for these changes. It can show us difficult truths that we need to face in order to keep going forward.


Cancers are emotional, so the energy that this Eclipse will bring will most likely be very emotional as well and we might experience sensitivity and even irritability.

The heart chakra is also ruled by Cancer so we might feel in close connection to our hearts, which can be a great but painful experience. If your heart needs some healing this can be the perfect time to give yourself a little extra push.

Some Full Moons require action in order for us to benefit from the energies but this Eclipse might actually require us to sit back and let it happen. We can let the Universe guide us as long as we have faith in the Universe and whatever it has in store for our soul and destiny.

This Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is in connection with the Solar Eclipse that we had on December 25th and 26th in 2019. 

Specific themes can be magnified during the energy of the Solar Eclipse. Since this Lunar Eclipse falls in Cancer, our focus might turn to the family and home environment or it can translate into our own feelings of being home within ourselves.


We could find ourselves feeling caught up in family dynamics or reflecting on what our family or other relationships mean to us. It is also possible that we learn to set better boundaries with the ones we love or to make ourselves feel more at home within ourselves.

Even though we all experience the Eclipse a bit differently, we are all most likely to notice themes such as family and home environment to be more present during this Eclipse.

Uranus will be ready to station immediately the day after and Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury are also very active around this Eclipse. 

In the astrology cards for 2020, Saturn and Pluto will play major parts and you can more about their influence here. Mercury’s presence will most likely bring communication to the forefront in 2020.

Perhaps we need to learn how to be more clear in our communication with others or how we approach difficult conversations that might arise; 2020 will be the year this will come up.

In terms of communication, we will also be inspired to speak our truth and share our wisdom in ways that liberate us and release any tension or weight that has been keeping us down. The truth will set us free, although it can also be painful.

This Eclipse might uncover some truths and Uranus will bring some clarity on January 11th.

In conclusion, this Full Moon Cancer Eclipse will be an intense one that will set the pace for the following months.

The Eclipse will show us that we need to open ourselves up and express what is in our hearts, it will put us in touch with our emotions and teach us how to feel at home within ourselves.

It may also bring up issues within our home or family dynamics. We might feel the need to speak our truths or we might feel like a truth is revealed to us that changes our direction in life.

The Eclipse on January 10th will guide us all in one way or another to let go of things that no longer serve us so we can focus on what is important and form the shape of our lives. We can do it.

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