Magical Combination Of Didge And Hang Drum Sounds Out Of This World

Malte and Alex randomly met in the summer of 2014 at a small festival in Northern Germany.
With their music they are trying to create an atmosphere of total relaxation and inspiration in which people can just follow their mind dreams.

Their music is a combination of one of the newest instruments “the hang drum” and one of the oldest instruments the didgeridoo. The “hang” is inspired by the steel pan which comes from Trinidad and from the Gatham, a percussion instrument from India which is played by hand. And the “didge” originating from the aboriginals, the natives of Australia, a wind instrument played by circular breathing.

The duo play dynamically improvised sounds – contemplative and sensuous flowing into animating rhythms. These resulting in a almost hypnotizing experience that sounds out of this world.

For more info of this talented duo visit their website: Yatao music

Enjoy the magical combination of the hang drum and the didgeridoo in the video below:



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