Man Kicks A Stray Dog, Dog Returns With Friends To Destroy His Car

A driver in China apparently paid an expensive price for kicking a dog.

The man said he drove into a car park in the city of Chongqing, south west China, to find a dog was occupying his usual spot one evening. He then decided to kick the sandy-coloured stray dog out of the way.

When the man returned to his car the next morning, he discovered that it had been damaged by a slew of what appeared to be bite marks.The driver only discovered what had happened to his car after he told his neighbour about the curious incident, and discovered that his neighbour had in fact captured the doggy ambush on camera.

Images from the incident show a pack of stray dogs seemingly seeking revenge for the kicking. In one photo, a dog has clambered onto the bonnet of the car and appears to be biting the windscreen wipers.

Another shows a dog getting its jaws around the car’s metal body, leaving huge dents in its wake.

Via WhiteWolfPack

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