Photographer Captures Women With Unshaven Armpits And Here’s What People Think

Discussions on the subject of what a modern woman should look like have been going on for years. They have become particularly acute in the last few years with the appearance of an increasing number of body positivity fans, and the beauty standards have started to blur more and more. One of the most pressing matters of today is hair removal on the body. So, should all women shave, for instance, armpits? People’s opinions on this matter have turned out to be monumentally opposite.

If we dig a little deeper into history, women were “obliged” to remove hair from their bodies by society starting the beginning of the 20th century. In 1908, there was an impressive advertising campaign that made people consider a hairy body to be something inappropriate and even insulting. It was profitable for three sectors: shaving product manufacturers, fashion designers massively offering women sleeveless and later mini dresses, as well as glossy magazines. These publications were the ones who imposed standards of beauty onto women and decided to reject body hair in any way possible.


Nonetheless, in the 21st century, women began to find quite solid reasons to give up shaving, at least, armpits:

  • genetically conditioned high density and thickness of the hair coat;
  • personal attitude and preference;
  • overly sensitive, prone to irritation skin;
  • lack of time;
  • adherence to body positivity movement, etc.

There were also people who considered that the female body is beautiful in its pristineness. British photographer, Ben Hopper, for instance, created an original project called Natural Beauty. Most shots were taken in the period from 2016 to 2018. They prove that women don’t need to conform to beauty standards in order to look attractive.


All Hopper’s models were pictured with unshaven armpits, but this aspect is not what gives you the overall impression from the shots taken by Ben, is it?



Along with this, everyone has their own attitude to this matter. We decided to have a look at what Reddit users thought about the matter. One of them started a discussion, trying to find out who else considered unshaven armpits natural and even attractive.


I agree! I never understood why so many men hate armpit hair on women. I think as long as there ain’t any stank, it’s nice!

Armpit hair traps so much odor causing bacteria. Everyone should trim or shave their armpit hair.




Not sexy, but definitely not something to get upset about. I feel like many especially on reddit are a bit childish about this issue.

I think it’s really attractive when a woman is confident in themselves enough not to shave. I don’t think it’s fair that a lot of men think hair on women is disgusting, but there are SOOO many hairy men. The girl I’m dating rn doesn’t shave at all and I swear I’ve never met a lovelier person.


There was another user wondering whether he had fellow sympathizers of considering unshaven armpits, both male and female, to be a disgusting phenomenon.


I don’t like seeing chunks of deodorant clinging to someone’s pit hair.


Genuine question: why does other peoples body hair bother you that much?


I find it disgusting, its just an opinion, you can do whatever you want.


I don’t mind it.

Of course, many people, many minds. But what do you think about this?



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