Rare Black Apples Sell For More Than $20 Each But Farmers Refuse to Plant Them

Not all apples are red; some are green, yellow, or pink. As an apple grows, the natural colors or pigments (anthocyanins) are developing, which give apples their red (or green, pink or yellow) color.

However, there is now another colored apple available and this special apple has just reached its peak in popularity. Just like “regular” colored apples, they are rich in minerals and microorganisms, only this apple is much tastier and crispier.

The apples in question are the black diamond apples or the Hua Niu apples. They come from New Zealand and have later on been introduced to China. They were planted in Nyingchi, Tibet where they were further developed by the specific environment and the technology used by the farmers.

The apples are a deep shade of purple and have a gleaming smooth texture. They look a bit like candle wax but are as beautiful as a diamond; that’s how they received their name.

Surprisingly, these apples don’t need any fertilization, are resistant to cold and have a natural defense against parasites and insects. They are considered rare because of the fact that they grow in the highlands at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level.

The apples need sunlight and ultraviolet light. These qualities make the apple orchard in Nyingchi the ideal natural environment to grow black diamond apples. In 2011, the orchard of 50 hectares was created. In 2012, the apple trees were planted and in the following three years the apple trees were growing. Every year at the end of October, the apples go on the market for about two months.

However, the apples have some strict standards to live up to. Only 30% of the fully grown apples are the right color and therefore the total output of black apples is very low.

The local population doesn’t consume the apples because of the high price. The farmers know this and therefore also prefer to grow other fruits that are in higher demand.

Chinese manufacturers have decided to put the extraordinary apple into exclusive gift boxes for the high-end market. These gift boxes will consist mainly of 6 or 8 apples and these apples will most likely be infused with black Tibetan color to achieve the most perfect black color. Customers who wish to purchase the apples must make an order in advance.

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