The Amethyst Mushroom, Looks Like It Contains The Entire Galaxy

Amethyst mushrooms. Elaeomyxa Cerifera, was identified in 1942. This fungi’s fruiting structures split open to release spores which sparkle like a disco ball. It looks like a whole Galaxy in a single mushroom. They are found on large logs or stumps covered with moss and leafy liverworts.

Sarah Lloyd a scientist who spends a lot of her time researching and photographing these mushrooms finds them to be quite fascinating. She became interested, to begin with after finding some on her own property and since then has been diving into their world. With about 1,700 matchboxes full of fungi, she’s got quite the collection of species. As you can see below this glittery sight is quite extravagant.

It ends up covered in bright colors gleaming with purples and hues of green and blue. While it isn’t something a lot of people have the chance to see during their lives, it is something that can be found in Tasmania if you’re looking closely enough with the right equipment.


Myxotopia... - the mushroom log

Not to be mistaken for the Laccaria amethystina, Amethyst Deceiver mushroom:

Amethyst Deceiver l Startling Fungus - Our Breathing Planet

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