The ‘Fluffiest Bunny In The World’ Looks Like A Gigantic Cotton Ball

While a regular pet rabbit can already be quite fluffy, the Angora rabbit’s amazing coat brings fur to a whole new hairy level.

Bred for its long, soft wool—which can be removed by combing, shearing and plucking—the Angora is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated rabbits that used to popular as pets with European royalty.

Their extremely voluminous and thick wool could grow to such an extent that it would dwarf the animal itself—except for a small, almost-hidden face, the Angora could look uncannily similar to a gigantic cotton ball.

We do hope that these adorable rodents are not suffering beneath the blanket of their own fur—in some cases, they look so burdened by this woolly load that it seems like they can hardly move.

View more images of the “world’s most fluffy bunnies”:

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