The Last Full Moon Of This Year On 12.12 Is a Bringer Of Good Vibrations And Self Healing

The last full moon of the year is almost here, right before eclipse season starts

This Gemini full moon falls on either the 11th or 12th of December (depending on your timezone) and carries strong energy. Because the full moon is in Gemini, or twins, we may experience things unfolding in pairs of two. For example, you can be in two minds about something, meaning that you can feel torn between two decisions.

During the full moon, we have the opportunity to release those things that no longer serve us. We can let go of the things we don’t wish to take with us to the new year

This full moon, we can also let go of any issues that were going on around the last eclipse on July 16th, either one month before or after. If there’s something unresolved in your life since that period, this full moon might be the perfect chance to get some closure.

Despite the fact that most of us are incredibly busy in December, we can try to reflect on the things that we do not want to bring into 2020. Are there any patterns or habits we want to let go of? If the answer is yes, you can write whatever it is on a piece of paper and burn it. If you do this (or a ritual like this), the full moon could give you a little extra push.


This full moon, use the moon’s energy for self-care, relaxation, and restoration and let go of all that no longer serves you

Just after the full moon peaks, Chiron (the asteroid of healing) will go direct after being retrograde since July 8th, 2019, which means that this full moon has major healing vibes. This is the ideal time to focus on your health, boost your immunity and have some self-care sessions. Have you been waiting to go to the doctor for some vague symptoms? This is a good time to schedule that appointment. Now is the time to take care of your health.

Not only physical health is important; mental and emotional health is too. If needed, find a therapist, a family member or friend to talk to. If you prefer not to ask anyone else for help, you can try to do something new and challenging like trying a new sport, a new diet or meditation.

Don’t be too hard on yourself this intense full moon. Focus on things that soothe and heal

Planet Venus is very animated during this Gemini full moon and this might trigger our relationships and finances. Venus is right in-between Saturn and Pluto (the triple conjunction!) and we definitely feel her powerful energy. If you’ve experienced some issues in your relationship or if you’ve felt a little uncertain, this full moon might accelerate in either direction. Ending a relationship or making clear what your boundaries are is never easy but doing so in the holiday season is the most difficult.


In case any problems in a relationship arise, do what is best for you without getting influenced by the opinion of others

That might sound a little easier than it actually is, so don’t be afraid to ask for (unjudgemental) help. After all, Gemini is the sign of twins so we’re not meant to tackle everything on our own.

Be reminded that for many of us the holiday season means we have to spend a lot of time with family. If this could be a trigger for you, you might want to think of a way of shielding yourself from negative influences. However, any issues that do come to the surface are better out in the open than boiling on the inside.

This full moon can also bring out loving, creative and kind energy

During this Gemini moon, we might feel more loving, sensitive and openminded. We can use these energies to give love, spread kindness, and share our compassion. Of course, these things are good to strive for all year round.

Financially, this full moon can be a tough one. This time of the year we naturally spend more money but there are some ways we can use this full moon to our financial advantage. Right before the full moon, make a budget in order to organize your finances. Perhaps you can already put some money on your savings account or set some goals for next year.

Keep long-term goals in mind this holiday season and be mindful of your spendings

This full moon might bring you some financial abundance as well, or, if you are already abundant, you might be the one doing the giving. Perhaps you could donate some money to a charity or give-away some of your old clothes.

The balance between giving and receiving is highlighted this full moon, so give yourself some time to reflect on how you can give more and be more open to receiving.

True to its Gemini fashion, this full moon might bring some opposition but the festive December will offer some great vibrations to turn this around

When the full moon period is over, the strong energy that came along with it will pass as well. It is the last full moon of 2019 and no matter how pleased (or not) we have been with certain aspects of our lives, this is the time to accept and let go. We can start the new year fresh and excited.

Fun fact: this full moon will arrive on 12 December 12:12 am east coast time.

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