These Are The Biggest Relationship Challenges You’ll Face Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone struggles in love. There’s just no such thing as someone who is perfect at dating, perfect in a relationship and just perfect in love. All of that touchy-feely stuff is hard! No one is 100% at any of it. We all have flaws. But here’s the catch: all of our relationship flaws are different. Some people struggle with commitment while others can’t wait to commit. Some people love sharing everything while others need lots of privacy and distance. Some people just need attention all of the time while others are stubborn and will never back down. No matter who you are, you have love flaws to work on. But how do you know which flaws are yours?

Since it’s hard to see where your own faults lie, you may want to consider consulting astrology to see exactly where you’re going wrong. What is your big relationship sin and why is it holding you back? But more importantly, how can you get over it and actually make your relationship work? It’s tough to get over something that is so fundamentally you – like being spontaneous, seeking comfort or needing validation. So even if you can’t totally right all of your love wrongs, it at least helps to know where your issues are. And then you can slowly work on them to make your love life better.

16. Aries Never Thinks First And Moves So Fast Their Partner Can’t Keep Up Even If They Wanted To

Aries, SLOW DOWN! Seriously, you are always on the run. You are constantly in a hurry. And most times in your life, that’s awesome! It means you really get things done. You’re the type of person who gets all your errands done Saturday morning and has time to fit in a work out, meal prep for the whole week and do a face mask. But your fast-moving antics also apply to your relationships. Sometimes you really jump the gun and think before you act. So that might mean saying something angry and mean when you didn’t really want to. Remember, you can’t take everything back. And regret is a hard thing to live with. So when you feel like you’re at normal speed, remember that you’re actually moving faster than most people.

15. Stubborn Taurus Can’t See The World Through Anyone Else’s Eyes But Their Own

If you’re a Taurus, this isn’t the first time someone has told you that you’re stubborn. Of course, you prefer to see it as dedicated and persistent. And these traits often serve you well. You’re good at getting your way and going after the things you want. But you’re really bad at seeing things through someone else’s eyes. And in a relationship, that skill is really important. You need to be able to imagine what your partner is going through and to see things from his/her perspective. You might understand why you had to skip date night and stay late at work but think about how your partner might feel. Spoiler: if you’re struggling to understand your partner’s perspective, just ask. You’ll get bonus points for good communication skills.

14. Bonus: Taurus Refuses To Get Over It – They Have To Get Even

Sorry, Taurus. There’s another love flaw you need to work on. And again, it relates to how stubborn you are. You can’t just let things go and move on. You’re all about the revenge and getting even. Look, we get it. When someone wrongs you, especially someone you’re dating or in a relationship with, you want to get justice. No one gets to make you upset without paying for it. But can’t you see how unhealthy that is for your relationship? No one wants to be with someone who is out to get revenge like she lives in a bad action movie. Plus, all that toxic energy you have when you’re plotting your partner’s demise – that’s a bunch of negativity you don’t need either.

13. Gemini Gets Bored Too Easily And May Start To Stray

Gemini, you love to have a good time. You’re all about going out and socializing with people. In fact, it’s probably what helped you snag your partner in the first place. You love being the social butterfly and your inner curiosity means you’re always searching for new things and new adventures. So what happens when your boo suggests take out and Netflix for the third Friday in a row? You get SO BORED! You can’t stand the idea of monotony. And if you get bored enough, you might start looking for another partner to have fun with. Be careful, Gemini. You don’t want to be a cheater. Find a partner who gives you both the security and fun you require or move on to someone new.

12. Clingy Cancer Can’t Help Their Controlling Ways

Cancer, you LOVE love. You’re all about the romance and deep commitment. A long-lasting relationship doesn’t scare you. So what’s the problem? Well, you can be a bit clingy and controlling. Sorry, Cancer – it’s true! If you feel intuitive that your partner isn’t as in love and committed as you, you’ll start to get really clingy and controlling. You’ll latch onto them and follow their every move. You see it as loving but your partner sees it as smothering. No one wants to be that close to their loved one all of the time. Ease up, Cancer! Learn to trust in the security of your relationship. You don’t need to be together all of the time. In fact, a little bit of distance is probably the best thing for your relationship. Let your partner breathe.

11. Leo Takes Everything Personally And Can Never Just Laugh It Off

Leo, you need to let loose a little bit. That might sound like strange advice because you’re a very warm and optimistic person. You have lots of friends and people enjoy being around you. But you do get serious and push people away so you don’t get hurt. If you’re arguing with your boo, you take every word to heart. If something mean is said, that’s enough for you to cut and run. Leo, you need to learn how to chill a little bit. Let your guard down and learn to roll with the punches. Not all arguments are cause for a break-up. Sometimes you can make things work. You’ll have to let someone in and risk getting hurt, but we promise it’s worth it.

10. Bonus: Demanding Leo Wants The Good Life And Needs Everyone To Notice Them

Leo, you’ve got another love lesson to learn. You are all about the good life. You love eating your avocado toast off of your Anthropologie plate while sitting in your beautiful penthouse apartment. You buy your clothing from places like Holt Renfrew and you can’t imagine ever making your own coffee at home. You love the good life! And you need everyone to knot it. But your love of the good life and need for attention can actually hurt your relationship. Remember, you are with your boo because of who they are, not because they can buy you an expensive dinner at the hottest restaurant in town. And while you’re demanding attention from them, remember that your partner probably wants some attention of their own from time to time.

9. Virgo Always Picks The Bad Boy/Girl They Want To Fix. But What If They Don’t Want Help?

Virgo, you are the ultimate problem solver. You love to fix anything and everything. In fact, your friends always come to you with their issues and your work knows they can rely on you to get them out of a bad situation. So, of course, you end up looking for the same thing in a relationship: a problem. You love a good problem! So you unconciously seek out a partner who you can fix. You’re convinced you can take the bad boy or bad girl and turn them into the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend. The only problem? What if your partner doesn’t want to be fixed? No one likes change. And your idea of fixing involves a lot of critical comments and nitpicking. Your partner isn’t going to like that. Why not support your partner when they ask for help instead of fixing them without their permission?

8. Libra Lives In A Fairytale Where Every Partner Is Replaceable

Libra, you’re a romantic. You love the idea of finding your dream man or woman and running off into the sunset together. You absolutely crave love! And you love being in love! So what’s wrong with that? You love the idea of love more than you do the person you’re with. In fact, sometimes the person doesn’t even matter. All that matters is that they fit into your ideal vision of love. You’re all about the aesthetics and you want a partner who fits into your look. If they don’t fit? They can go. Watch this habit, Libra. Your partner isn’t going to feel very loved if they know they are replaceable. Focus on the person you’re with and not just the look from the outside.

7. Bonus: Libra Forgets Who They Are In A Relationship And Just Morphs Into Their Partner

The other big issue Libras have in relationships is getting totally lost. This plays into your fairytale vision. You’re so obsessed with just being in love and having this perfect looking relationship that it doesn’t matter who you’re with – and it doesn’t even matter who you are. You are totally willing to change everything about yourself in order to fit into your vision of a relationship. You lose yourself in your partner. If you’re dating a musician, you might spend all your money on concert tickets, pick up the guitar and trade your pretty wall art for band posters. Do you even like the band? You don’t know. You just like the idea of being two musicians in love. But in the end, you’ll end up alone and missing who you really are.

6. Intense Scorpio Can’t Fully Turn Off Their Paranoia

Scorpio, you are always looking behind your shoulder. Who is out to get you? In reality, probably no one. But if your mind, probably everyone. You are naturally distrusting. You question things and struggle to see the glass half full. It’s good to be a realist and to not be naive, but all lasting relationships need to have trust. Your paranoia is enough to send your partner running in the opposite direction. If you want to be happy, you need to let some of that paranoia go. Fight your urge to be suspicious and just look at the facts. Has your partner given you any real reason to doubt? If not, let it go. It’s exhausting to always be snooping and looking for trouble. Just take a step back and enjoy your relationship.

5. Sagittarius Needs Space To Be Themselves – No One Ties Them Down

Sagittarius, you are the ultimate free spirit. You are the wanderer of the zodiac and you need the space to roam and be yourself. You live to travel, explore and learn. If you’re with a long-term partner, they already know that you need your space. But be careful that you don’t take that for granted. When you’re in a relationship, you have a partner. So you can’t just jump on a plane without talking it through first. And let’s be honest, you’re not the best at delivering news. You’re blunt. So when you do talk to your partner about giving you space and letting you roam free, try and remember your manners. You’ll be single again soon if you just text from the plane, “On my way to Thailand, see you later probably!”

4. Hardworking Capricorn Ends Up Doing Everything For The Relationship

Capricorn, you are a work horse. You’re practical and know how to get things done. Your boss, your friends and your family all love this about you. And so does your partner. In fact, your partner loves this so much that they start to depend on you. And by depend, we mean that your partner starts to slack off and let you do the heavy lifting. You probably don’t even notice it but one day you’ll wake up and realize you walked the dog, made breakfast, put in the laundry, went grocery shopping, bought a birthday present for your partner’s mom and you get home to see your partner just watching TV. You deserve a partner who will do their share. And you’re only going to get that if you assert what you need, say no to work that isn’t yours and stick to your guns.

3. Aquarius Can’t Stay In The Moment And Just Enjoy What’s Happening For Once

Aquarius, you’re a visionary. You love to sit back and envision everything about the future. You plan for tomorrow and always have your eyes on the next thing. But that means you really struggle with living in the present and enjoying the now. You can’t have fun with your partner because you’re too busy worrying about what’s up next. Your partner begins to feel dismissed because you can never just sit still and enjoy what’s in front of you. At the same time, you crave security – something you can’t find when planning for the future. So you’re constantly struggling to feel secure while looking towards an insecure future. Let your partner in and try to ground yourself in the present with your person.

2. Indecisive Aquarius Can Never Get Anyone To Understand What They Mean

Aquarius, you know how you struggle with wanting security and living in the insecure future? That’s just another one of the things you can’t make a decision on. You are incredibly indecisive (talk to your Gemini friends, they’re the same way). You struggle with commitments because you want a bit of everything. Unfortunately, this often leads you to feel really misunderstood and alone. You don’t know how to communicate this indecision and contrasting opinions to your partner. So your partner just feels lost and you feel alone and unheard. Take a moment to really think about what you want and to calmly explain that to your partner. You are a good communicator – use those skills to connect with your partner. Your partner can’t read your mind so you need to help him/her out here.

1. Pisces Drops The Ball And Makes Their Partner Feel All Alone On This Earth

Pisces, like your Aquarius friends, you struggle with staying present. But instead of living in the future, you prefer to live in a dream world. You are known to be a daydreamer constantly saying, “Sorry, babe. What did you say?” You would rather spend your day pursuing creative activities and pretending to live somewhere out of this world. Of course, this can be hard for your partner on Earth who needs your time and attention. Because right now, your partner feels like they can’t depend on you to be there and to support them. You’re actually really good at being in a relationship, Pisces! You just need to come back down to Earth and focus on all the good you have here. Spend more time in the world of romance than the mystical world.

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