Watch: These Monkeys Reaction To Magic Is Absolutely Phenomenal

Say what you like, but sometimes the Internet really delivers. I felt like I was given a gift the first time I saw this video of “monkeys responding to a basic magic tricks”.

This just has to be mentioned; Some of the monkeys/primates look like almost any of us would feel if they were pressed up against the glass of their enclosure, watching another species gawk at them. Which is to say, overwhelmingly sad and tired. Yet their reaction when a magic trick is performed before them, is absolutely priceless.

A guy in a neon white cap shows the baboon a card, and with a flourish, the card is gone. Wan she loses it. Her eyebrows have leapt up before she can stop them, she is incredulous, and outraged. It’s magic—and, you know, it’s magic.

Lets get a slowdown of that.


…and zoom…



This is not all folks, we have whole compilation for you! Enjoy and, you’re welcome.

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By The Wild Child

Sources: wired, indy

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