Weekly Horoscope 28th-3rd: Embrace Yourselves For Halloween And Mercury Retrograde

Absence makes the heart grow fonder this Monday, October 28, as the bold, expressive Scorpio Sun faces off with erratic and unconventional Uranus in Taurus. While we’re not suggesting you pull a disappearing act (that’s way too much for possessive Scorpio and Taurus vibes), a little breathing room can reboot desire. If you’re feeling restricted in a relationship, stop talking. Heart-to-hearts will go off the rails since this hotheaded mashup can make us all argumentative and rebellious. Instead, follow this star-sanctioned timeout and pursue a personal passion…by yourself. Let your other half (or best friend) know that you’ll be back soon, but that you need a little time alone. Expect the full range of feels to hit, from guilt (if you’re pulling back) to jealousy (if they are). As excruciating as it can be to NOT react to those internal whims, exert extreme willpower! And remind yourself that missing each other is a necessary part of the intimacy cycle.

The urge to merge could resume as soon as Wednesday, when flirty Mercury sidles up to vivacious Venus. With both planets in sultry Scorpio, every conversation will be tinged with suggestiveness. (Try not to lose sight of where the line of “appropriateness” should be drawn on Humpday.) This mystical influence could also attract soul friends, people who share your quirky habits and who think so much like you do that you’re practically finishing each other’s sentences in your first exchanges! Unusual serendipities might pop up throughout the day, like seeing the same number repeating on clocks or people using the same, uncanny phrase. Is it a sign or a message? We can’t say for sure but pay attention to your thoughts in those moments. These little flashes can be a confirmation that you’re on the right path!

Thursday is Halloween, but that’s not the only costume party going on in town. Expressive Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio, kicking off a masquerade ball that lasts until November 20. With the backspin taking place in this secretive sign, take nothing at face value. People may not present true to form while key information may be hidden from view. This signal-jamming transit could misdirect a few of the Scorpio Sun’s fabulous flares. Just when you’re sure that you’re ready to launch, boom! New developments arise and keep you stalled at base. Tempting as it may be to charge ahead—warning lights be damned—doing so might only delay the mission further. With Mercury backspinning through competitive Scorpio, minor grievances could heat up quickly. Consider this a PSA: When in doubt, go the adulting route instead of getting pulled into a cutthroat power struggle.


Intimacy is not the enemy, Aries! Mercury turns retrograde in your sexuality and deep commitment zone on Thursday. Explore your fears and insecurities around relationships with people you trust. Venus enters your expansion and happiness sector on Friday, giving you the bravery you take more risks in love.


Is love a battlefield, Taurus? Mercury will retrograde in your romance arena this Thursday, making you a bit reactive. If you need to declare boundaries, do it. If you’re feeling a lil soft, say it. On Friday, Venus enters you intimacy boudoir, inspiring less comfort and more sexual experiences involving mystery, exploration, and fun.


It’s time for a check-up, Gemini! When Mercury retrogrades in your health sector on Thursday, you’ll want to get proactive about any physical, mental, and emotional wellness concerns. Venus enters your most romantic sector on Friday, inspiring opposites-attract style chemistry with a person who expands your horizons!


“Comparison is the thief of joy”, Cancer. This Thursday, Mercury will retrograde in your confidence sector, helping you find your bravery by identifying your barriers to it. Move past perfectionism, comparison, and scarcity. Venus enters your health zone on Friday, beautifying your wellness, routine, and organization.


The brightest star in the your Lion constellation is the heart, Leo. Mercury will retrograde in your emotional exposure zone this Thursday, inspiring you to be more courageous around vulnerability. On Friday, Venus enters you confidence sector, helping you express your creativity, joy, and charm around all who love you!


Speak less and listen more, Virgo. Mercury will retrograde in your communication zone this Thursday, making you pay attention to what’s being said in between the lines. Venus joins your home, emotionality, and family sector this Friday, which’ll beautify your space and relationships!


Spend wisely, Libra. Mercury will retrograde in your income zone this Thursday, so be thoughtful and disciplined about your purchases to protect your finances. Venus enters your communication zone this Friday, helping you speak your truth to any romantic interests and name your expectations so you’re all the same sexy page.


“Suffering occurs in monologue,” Scorpio. Mercury will retrograde in your sign this Thursday, nudging you to heal through dialogue. Speak up about any emotional upsets so you can move on. Venus supercharges your income zone this Friday, potentially with some birthday cash.


Ready to let go, Sagittarius? Time to release whatever negative thing you’re holding on to come Thursday, when Mercury turns retrograde in your completion, surrender, and healing sector. Let go of all things and/or people that hold you back. Don’t worry if this sounds too heavy, though: Venus enters your sign on Friday, so brighter days are coming!


It’s a blast from the past, Cap! Mercury turns retrograde in your socialization sector, inspiring you to reunite with old friends and celebrate the life progress you’ve made. Venus enters your completion zone this Friday, helping you let go of fears and shadows from the past so you can love more deeply in the present.


Are you valued at work, Aquarius? Mercury turns retrograde in your career sector, helping you contribute more value at your job while reviewing whether it’s actually cherished. Venus beautifies your socialization space this Friday, blurring the line between romance and friendship, so try to combine the best of both dynamics!


Enjoy the brain boost, Pisces! Mercury will retrograde in your higher thinking zone this Thursday, pushing you to examine the lessons learned over the last three months. Venus enters your career space, helping you improve any work relationships that can help you move up at your job.

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