Gemstone Counter-Tops Are Amazing And You’ll Want One After Seeing These!

Every home cooking lover will tell you that a quality counter-top is important to one well-functioning kitchen.

Most people prefer solid and monotonous counters made from materials such as granite.

These interiors are very boring for most of the interior designers, that’s why they come up with new counter-tops made of gemstones.


One of the most popular materials in this new trend is amethyst, which has incredible crystal quality, then the labradorite, a sophisticated and stunning peacock blue gemstone which is known for its enhanced durability and resistance to heat.

Another favored gemstone is quartz that can brighten up your kitchen counter.

Quartz is colorless and it can be combined with almost any existing kitchen design.


Some people have even turned into something more surprising – petrified trees.

The fossilized remains of trees, some of which are as old as 200 million years, have been purchased and transformed into spectacularly beautiful counter-tops.

The new trend for kitchen counter-tops made of gemstones is anything but boring, and you can check some of them below.





Source: Mind Waft

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