Did This Genius Woman Just Fix Her Car With An Adult Toy?!

Sometimes it’s a small pole appearing out of nowhere, other times a person who misjudges their parking space. One way or another, to get a dent in your car is a big bummer. Especially when it’s not your car and you are responsible to fix. Those are expensive moments.

Luckily there are creative people in this world who manage to find great solutions that actually work. In this case we just want to ask you to stop what you’re doing and pay attention. This woman actually manages to fix the dent in her car with a dildo.

We applaud her for being utterly brilliant. Just one question, was she just carrying that around and happened to put two and two together, or was this a it bought specifically for the purposes of dent removal?

Please let us know if you ever tried this and if it worked for you too.

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