How To Spend V-Day If You’re Single, Based On Your Sign

There are plenty of inventive, original ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but most of them require two people and involve the word “date.” If you’re single and would like spend your V-Day doing something other than picking up newly discounted heart-shaped chocolates, you’re in luck. Your Zodiac sign can offer some helpful guidance when it comes to making plans (although we’re pretty sure the stars would tell you to buy the chocolate, too).
As much as your sign dictates aspects of your personality, so, too, can it affect how you prefer to spend your time. A by-the-books Virgo, for instance, will probably like their Valentine’s Day to be as uneventful as possible, while a Cancer might actually want to have a little shindig in the name of love.
Luckily, as someone who isn’t in a relationship, you don’t have to compare your sign’s preferences with someone else’s and tweak your plans accordingly. This Valentine’s Day really can be all about you.


What you should do: Go off the grid.

Why it’s perfect for your sign: This might mean taking a day trip well outside of town or just switching your phone to Do Not Disturb mode for a few hours. Either way, you’ll benefit from tuning out for a little while on V-Day. Your individualistic sign rarely gets distracted by other people’s actions, but that doesn’t mean you enjoy hearing about your peers’ extravagant Valentine’s plans. Steer clear of the usual spots this year and take yourself on a small adventure outside of your comfort zone (even if you only go as far as the next neighborhood over).


What you should do: Shamelessly stay in.

Why it’s perfect for your sign: Do what you wish you could do every weekend and cancel your plans this V-Day, Taurus. Your couch, bathrobe, and takeout meal of choice are calling. Not only will committing to staying home take the pressure off this holiday, but you’ll actually get to enjoy the simple things (which, after all, are your favorite type of things). A little alone time never hurt a Bull, especially when it reminds you just how pleasant your home base can be.


What you should do: Plan for romance — at a later date.

Why it’s perfect for your sign: You might be raring to take your latest crush out on the town this Valentine’s Day, but the timing isn’t quite right, Gemini. This year, your love lesson revolves around taking things slow — and the newer your crush is, the slower you ought to move. An energetic air sign like yours likes to move quickly, but this approach to dating can be overwhelming to others. This V-Day, plan a mind-blowing date for next week. You might actually like having the time to think through every detail.


What you should do: Host a party for couples and singles alike.

Why it’s perfect for your sign: You love nothing more than opening your home up to your inner circle, Cancer, and doing so on Valentine’s Day will help strengthen preexisting bonds. Connecting with others is still hugely important to your personable sign — whether those relationships are platonic or romantic is totally secondary. That said, for all you know, one of your friends is bringing a plus-one who may strike your fancy.


What you should do: Go all out, for the price of one.

Why it’s perfect for your sign: Regardless of relationship status, Valentine’s Day is the one day a year where public displays of affection will, at the very least, be derided less than they normally are. With that in mind, take yourself out for a V-Day date with all the bells and whistles — book a fancy dinner reservation, get a bottle of champagne, even throw some rose petals on your otherwise normal-looking bed. You’re worth it, Leo — but you knew that already.


What you should do: Stick to your normal routine.

Why it’s perfect for your sign: You’re the first one to jump ship if you see forced fun on the horizon, Virgo, and a Singles Awareness Day-style celebration is about as artificial as it gets for you. So, don’t make a big deal out of V-Day by, well, not making a big deal out of it. If you aren’t feeling the love this year, this can be like any other Wednesday for you — and there’s something comforting in that.


What you should do: Find a temporary oasis.

Why it’s perfect for your sign: Show yourself the most love this V-Day with a head-to-toe pampering session, Libra. You may see fit to visit the nearest spa for a day of massages and peels, given your tendency to splurge, but you can always bring the spa to you with a luxurious bubble bath and a sheet mask or two. As a social air sign, you always feel pressure to be “on,” so give yourself one day to be “off.”


What you should do: Let go of old feelings.

Why it’s perfect for your sign: You might not know exactly what you want for the future and that very well may be thanks to something your past. As the old adage goes, a water sign never forgets — and this is especially true for your aquatic sign, Scorp. This isn’t to say that memories of a past love are interfering with your dating life now, but it certainly isn’t helpful to keep returning to those thoughts again and again. Time to journal it all out then let it go.


What you should do: Get some culture.

Why it’s perfect for your sign: Thanks to your outgoing, often hilarious personality, you’re often viewed as the life of the party — but as true as that characterization may be, dear Sag, you also have a deep inner life that deserves attention, too. Take advantage of the fact that you’re flying solo this year and enjoy an intellectual pursuit instead of scrambling around for a date. See the play that’s getting rave reviews, go gallery hopping, or finally finish that stack of books on your nightstand.


What you should do: Catch up with your parents.

Why it’s perfect for your sign: The sexiest V-Day plans these are not, but calling your parents (or another important elder in your life) will tap into a deep set of values for you, Cap. You spend your time caring for the relationships you believe will last the longest — you have your ruling element, earth, to thank for this need for stability — so it only makes sense for you to want to strengthen the bond between you and the people who raised you. It’s a different kind of love than the type Valentine’s Day normally celebrates, but you know that it’s just as important.


What you should do: Go on a low-pressure date.

Why it’s perfect for your sign: Calling a date that just so happens to fall on Valentine’s Day “low-pressure” may seem like an oxymoron, but not for an Aquarius. You love to flout convention when you see fit, Water Bearer, and you’d rather tend to your Bumble messages than make a big deal out of a Hallmark holiday. After all, V-Day falls squarely within your sign’s solar season, meaning you still call the shots and can play the field as you wish, Cupid be damned.


What you should do: Play Cupid.

Why it’s perfect for your sign: As an empathetic water sign, you often tend to put the feelings of others before your own, so we don’t mean to suggest that it’s your job to be the cruise director for someone else’s love life this year. Rather, you can spread the love by suggesting a blind date or brainstorming proposal ideas with a friend. Others will need your help behind the scenes this year, Pisces, and your romantic streak will be more than happy to oblige.

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