Jackie Chan Takes A Stand Against Poaching

The African Wildlife Foundation launched a campaign aimed at the Asian market to educate and inform people about the harm done when buying Rhino Horn.

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) launched their “Say No” campaign in 2014 after Rhino Poaching hit an all-time scary high. They knew something needed to change and started doing surveys within the markets where Rhino Horn was being sold.

The surveys showed that 67% of people didn’t realise that the horn was coming from rhino that had been poached and believed in the medicinal and aphrodisiac properties of rhino horn. The AWF knew something needed to be done and set out to work on educating the markets in Asia about what happens when they buy rhino horn.

They started their campaign with Yoa Ming, a former NBA star who became a conservationist. He filmed a public service announcement about Thandi the Rhino. Thandi was attacked in March of 2012 along with two other rhinos. She survived the attack even though half her face had been hacked open. In 2015, Thandi gave birth and so her story is one filled with hope.

After Yoa Ming filmed his PSA, a number of other high profile celebrities joined the AWF. This includes action star, Jackie Chan. The PSA’s were aired in multiple asian countries including China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand.

“The PSAs and ads are running on televisions, billboards, and at mass transit hubs. We aim to open consumers’ eyes to the realities of poaching and to connect Africa’s treasured, and endangered species, with the wildlife products that they are killed to make.”

While Jackie Chan’s PSA came out in 2014, it has been shared as recently as this week to help continue educating the public and the AWF releases new PSA’s regularly.

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