Service Dog Goes To Disneyland, His Reaction When He Sees Pluto Is Priceless

As the happiest place on Earth, no wonder everyone is delighted to visit this theme park. But, only rarely can we see a dog being all excited to go to Disneyland. Well, it’s not so rare now because Ace, a guide dog has won over the internet with his reactions in Disneyland.

At one point, Ace gets to see the famous Disney dog, Pluto and his reaction to him was especially exceptional. As Ace approached the celebrity dog, Pluto knelt down for him and put his nose next to him so they could know each other.

Ace’s visit to Disneyland was a part of a socialization experiment in his training. He is still a few more months of training with the professionals before finally officially becoming a service dog.

Maybe then, he will have control over his impulsiveness?

Via TheAnimalsPage

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