15 Zodiac Combos That Will Have The Most Brutal Breakups – Ranked

We have all been through a bad breakup. Some were probably way worse than others. A lot of the time, strong personalities have a huge role to play in how smoothly the breakup will go. We thought we’d cover the worst of the worst combos, in case you want to avoid a potential disaster in the future. You’re welcome! 🙂

15. Aries and Taurus

This relationship is already a bad match right off the bat. Aries loves a good chase but Taurus hates the thought of a chase in a relationship. Not knowing where a Taurus stands in a relationship can really put stress on them because they need to know exactly how the other person feels. Naturally dedicated by nature, Taurus will most likely have a difficult time moving on from the relationship if things were to end. They constantly think of the good times and how amazing that person is; therefore having a harder time seeing them for who they truly are. It’s difficult for them to realize that dating that person could be a bad thing for them. The good news though, is that once the Taurus comes to terms with the toxic nature of the relationship and can finally let go, they will find peace and be able to ditch the loser for good. Hopefully Aries wont have a problem with this, as most Arians are known for their love of control. Aries will generally get into a relationship with a Taurus because they can offer them stability. However, Aries are a bit reckless and almost always hate when someone tries to tell them what to do… which is bossy Taurus’s thing. Aries and Taurus are almost never on the same page, which in most relationships communication and compromise are key. If this duo lacks these aspects, its pretty much a given that their relationship is a sinking ship.

14.Gemini and Capricorn

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘opposites attract’. Well, not if they’re a Gemini and a Capricorn! Capricorns are often reserved and conservative type people, whereas Geminis can be flighty, wild, and even slightly reckless. Because of this, Capricorns will feel like the parent to a Gemini, rather than a lover. At first, Capricorns become attracted toward Gemini’s wild and quick-minded behavior. They are fast minded and have a clever sense of humor. At first, a Capricorn will enjoy their light-hearted personalities. But, as the relationship begins to grow, Capricorns often will feel as if their Gemini partner doesn’t really care about them. Although Geminis are the most loyal zodiac signs, their flighty personalities make their partners think otherwise. The cherry on the cake for this couple is often money issues. While Capricorns are capable of saving, Geminis tend to want to spend it the moment they get it. This in return just confirms Capricorns suspicion of their Gemini lover into believing that they are irresponsible, this then convinces them to realize that they aren’t really in a relationship but rather parent vs. child. Capricorns want to be with a partner that they can grow old with, and not have to constantly feel like they have to keep an eye on them. When these two break up– Capricorns are fully capable of letting go of Gemini’s crazy personalities while it’s the Geminis that feel the need to ‘work it out’. Although both have their strengths in the relationship– the moment these two break up, all they will be able to see are each others faults.

13. Virgo and Sagittarius

The interesting thing is that these two are actually fantastic communicators, which is why you would assume they would be a perfect match. Unfortunately, it isn’t always sunshine and roses for Virgo and Sagittarius. The fact that these signs are extremely independent creatures means they both become wary of commitment with the wrong person. One may believe the other isn’t good enough for them. Or, funnily enough, they may think the opposite and think that they themselves are the one thats too good for the other. Either way, Virgo and Sagittarius dating could very be a walking disaster. Virgos like to cut their losses if a relationship starts to go downhill right from the beginning, while a Sagittarius fears making a proper commitment. As a result, the Sagittarius is most likely to cheat on the Virgo which could lead to a really ugly breakup. Sagittarians are excellent at masking their pain so you won’t see them hurting, which sensitive Virgo might take offense to. Once a Sagittarius breaks up with you, they will likely mask their pain by jumping into a rebound relationship. The endless inability to fully commit will only send Virgo into a straight up frenzy, causing them to want to end things with all future Sagittarians.

12. Libra and Capricorn

To a Capricorn, Libras come across as flaky, disorganized, and irresponsible creatures whereas to a Libra, a Capricorn is materialistic but hardworking. Although this match could work quite well in the beginning, it could also be very awkward toward the end. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone they can’t trust and Capricorns automatically have a difficult time trusting Libras, due to their flaky personalities. This relationship may have some rocky times which will test the waters of their relationship. If at any given point Libra becomes uninterested in Capricorn, they won’t be afraid to jump ship. The good thing about Libras is their ability to turn a negative into a positive. Libra can look at a breakup as a learning experience whereas Capricorns hate the thought of a divorce or breakup. This means they will do anything in their power to work things out. Capricorns have a tendency of not being able to let go whereas Libras can move on easily. Not because they want to, but because they have to. If these two signs were to break up it will most likely be a very emotional ride. Capricorn could start to cling to the relationship considering they are rather pushy and want to make Libra happy. A relationship between a Libra and Capricorn will only lead to lots of fighting and often Libra will feel that a Capricorn just does not understand what they need and what the partnership truly requires. Because of this, their relationship is doomed from the start and their break up could be filled with lots of tears.

11. Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpios are emotional and Aquarius are– well, they aren’t. This duo isn’t very compatible but if they do end up in a relationship, the likelihood of things working out is slim to nothing. As you may know, Scorpios are very loyal creatures however they can be a bit manipulative. In fact, they tend to plot against their partner when they get hurt or mad, so could you imagine what it would be like if you broke up with a Scorpio? Their sting just might be worse than their bite. An Aquarius, however, is highly devoted but also equally as manipulative. Ironic eh? Secretly, Aquarius hates the idea of breaking up. This means they won’t actually be the first to end the relationship, in most cases. But, not for the reason you might think. Being manipulative creatures, if an Aquarius feels that the relationship has become a burden, then they like the idea of manipulating their partner into being the one to end the relationship. It saves them from any guilt or awkwardness, plus they can play the victim.  The one good thing about these two breaking up is that Aquarius are capable of having a smooth conversation, if only Scorpio could find it in their heart to listen to what Aquarius has to say. If they can manage to do that, perhaps the breakup will go smoothly.

10. Sagittarius and Pisces

Sagittarius and Pisces do not fit well, as Sagittarius crave romance, lust, and are free-spirited creatures. Pisces, on the other hand, are extremely sensitive. If their partner lacks the ability to be gentle or supportive, this type of behavior will only lead them straight to a breakup. This duo has the physical and intimate side of the relationship down, but working relationships are much more than just your intimate ability to connect. Granted, making up could be filled with fiery passion, but it won’t be enough to help these two stay afloat. The fact that Sagittarius, in a relationship with a Pisces, quickly becomes distant and often lacks the ability to connect emotionally, is a big turnoff for Pisces. It is then that Pisces will become offended by this nature and start to doubt the importance of the relationship. Another reason these two will end up in a major break-up is the fact that a Sagittarius takes more of an overzealous approach to things.. Whereas they may become frustrated with the indecisive nature of a Pisces. A break-up between these two might just send poor Pisces into major therapy. Pisces can’t handle things ending very well, whereas Sagittarius are a lot like ducks– allowing water to roll off their backs. Things don’t really get to them, even a sobbing Pisces. Pisces can easily actually end up in a deep depression if their relationship was a long term one. They become utterly crushed and find themselves unable to cope with the breakup. Talk about a major heartbreak..

9. Capricorn and Aries

Right from the beginning, this relationship screams difficulty, but like with most things– you can work at it if you’re determined enough. Still, that doesn’t always mean the end result is going to be pretty. Capricorns love things going their way, so as long as they can have full control of the relationship–such as when it begins and ends – then things will be okay. Now that may work with a few other signs, but Aries isn’t one of them. They have a need for control just as much as Capricorn, and this tug-of-war game between them could easily lead to a major break-up. Aries are known to be impulsive while Capricorns are more reserved. Generally having balance in a relationship can be a good thing, except for with these two clash. Capricorn can’t handle the impulsiveness of Aries, which causes them both to fight tremendously. These two could end up in a brutal break up because Aries hates the feeling of being told what to do and if you try to stop them or hold them back they will lash out by breaking up with you. Aries loves their freedom and will most likely feel trapped in the arms of a Capricorn leading to them to want to stray away from anything that they believe is negative. Capricorn doesn’t have time for Aries obsession over freedom and will want to break things off if they feel that Aries isn’t being as supportive or understanding as they deserve.

8. Aquarius and Taurus

Trying to change an Aquarius is like trying to change a light bulb that is already on– you are only going to get burned. The truth is, Aquarians are easy to love people but are also much harder to forget. For an Aquarius, they can easily charm their way into your heart but the moment they feel things are not working out they are not afraid to walk away. Aquarius and Taurus are a highly unlikely match in life anyway. The problem with this pairing is that they can both be very unconventional and often times very stubborn in their own ways. Taurus do not take lightly to what other people have to say and often hate being told what to do. Taurus also likes to take things slow. They don’t want to rush into anything serious, because they know they can manifest a deep attachment to people. If they feel they are being rushed into something, then they will run as fast as they can. If you are already in a relationship, especially the early stages, they are bound to break things off without any hesitation, and even without explanation. The moment a Taurus feels as if they have been treated poorly, that will become the defining factor of them just walking away and they will not hesitate to act as if you do not exist. Aquarius will feel as if they have a difficult time trying to make Taurus feel secure, due to the fact that all Aquarians love their freedom. Taurus will not be able to understand the concept of their independence within the confines of a long term relationship. This will ultimately cause stress on the relationship leading them straight to breakup-ville.

7. Pisces and Gemini

Did you know that the fish, aka Pisces, have a tendency to struggle with deep relationships but find it incredibly easy to leave the ones that are fleeting? Considering that Geminis are often fickle lovers this is definitely not a match made in heaven. Gemini and Pisces clash for many reasons and if they are in a relationship, the likelihood of it lasting for a long time isn’t very good. Once these two break up they will be left with many emotions– and are often left feeling insecure and dissatisfied. Geminis are forever restless whereas Pisces are emotional creatures and desperately need someone that are able to accept their mood swings. Geminis don’t like to dwell on things and often when upset they are able to get over it quickly.  Geminis don’t take things too seriously and may prefer a fun and lighthearted relationship whereas Pisces are unconditional lovers and will become a bit clingy in a relationship. The reason for these two calling it quits often comes from the fact that Geminis will start to feel smothered by their needy Piscean lover. Gemini will feel as if they are being emotionally cornered by their Pisces, making them uninterested in the relationship– creating a vicious cycle. This type of relationship has more downs than ups and Geminis don’t have time to worry about the emotional roller coaster they have to be on with Pisces.

6. Leo and Cancer

These two are pretty close to being polar opposites. Cancers look at Leo’s as egotistical and extravagant. The fact that they love to be the center of attention does not sit well with Cancer. Leos require a lot of attention and support from their partners and will easily walk away if they feel their partner is inadequate. Cancer’s love to connect on a deeper level and need to be with someone that can equally do so is important to them.  Leo’s don’t like to talk about ‘the mushy stuff’ and have a tendency to put up a wall against emotions; which will eventually offend Cancer causing them want to end the relationship. A Leo and Cancer relationship requires a lot of hard work and patience. Leo’s are automatically headstrong creatures, therefore they don’t like the idea of being told how to live their life. This breakup could lead to a major fallout in the sense that if the Leo were to feel the need to prove that their partner is wrong, they will assume that their partner must be the one to apologize first. Not all hope is lost though! If a Leo were to show Cancer the real them, then Cancer will be more willing to open up to Leo and possibly make the relationship work.

5. Cancer and Aries

Right from the beginning, Aries will look at their Cancer partner as too sensitive whereas Cancer will see Aries as too adventurous or dangerous. Often an Aries will fear being trapped in a relationship and find themselves purposely sabotaging things just to figure out if the struggles are really worth it. A Cancer doesn’t like to give up on things and can become too loving and devoted to their partner, to the point of complete clinginess. Aries cannot stand clingy people because they love their freedom, which means Cancer’s neediness could easily be the reason for pushing away their Aries partner. Aries love to be on top of their A-game and will need the encouragement from their partner, at any given moment. If they feel their partner is dragging them down that is by far the most sure-fire way to end a relationship. Although Cancers are extremely loyal partners, they tend to display jealousy and can often become possessive. This type of behavior will not settle well with free-spirited Aries. Aries people generally get bored easily, so if they feel that the relationship has reached its peak they aren’t afraid to end things. Cancers want to make things work– so if these two were to break up, most likely it would be Aries who ends the relationship first.

4. Aries and Virgo

Aries thrive on being in control and with little patience often Aries will be the first to walk away. Virgos are sensitive creatures but they aren’t the emotional type but rather intellectual, which often an Aries will feel as if they can relate more towards and be able to fix any damage that may be done. However, because Aries love the idea of having things go their way this can cause major issues within the relationship. At any given moment if Virgo feels you are not listening to them they will easily get up, walk away and completely move on. Virgos won’t waste their time trying to fix things especially if it is already broken. If an Aries gets their heart broken they can easily become crazy, they don’t really know how to deal with rejection let alone a breakup, especially with their controlling nature if the break up wasn’t their idea they won’t be too keen on it. If these two were to ever break up it would be as if the relationship never happened, since generally after a breakup Aries like to play it cool and just forget you ever met them. What is worse than a breakup, is someone acting as if you don’t exist– talk about a major tug on your heart strings. But since Virgos are really good at moving on, they like to cut their losses entirely after a relationship, on the other hand, if a Virgo senses that the breakup may be inevitable they will try their best to make things work but if all else fails they can easily let things go and move on.

3. Gemini and Cancer

Although these two have some similarities, the relationship between a Gemini and a Cancer needs a lot of work. They lack communication, which you may know, Geminis are fantastic communicators. Geminis can easily bolt if they feel the relationship is complete bull and they won’t really hesitate to walk away. Cancers can be sensitive whereas Gemini’s are lighthearted creatures. Often in a relationship the fickle lover of a Gemini can become detached and objective while the Cancer will be more compassionate. It takes a Gemini some time to really open up to a Cancer which could lead to Cancer becoming frustrated with Gemini’s light minded approach to things. If a Gemini were to break up with a Cancer, it will take the Cancer some time to mentally and emotionally get over things and it will take some time for things to sink in for them. A Gemini’s independent nature will bother Cancer, they may feel as if Gemini doesn’t need them what-so-ever, and they lack the ability to change which can drive Cancer crazy. This relationship can end in a brutal breakup just by lack of compromise. If neither one of you can find a middle ground then the end result will not be pretty. Even so much as getting lawyers involved. (Yes, it can get THAT petty!)

2.Gemini and Virgo

As you may know, Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury– but that is really all that they have in common. Virgos are cautious and wise whereas Geminis are playful, zany, and devilish communicators. You may assume opposites attract, but in this case, it is as if Virgo is the parent and Gemini is the child. The fact that Geminis are known to be carefree creatures is already a sign that their aloofness will be considered highly immature by a Virgo. They like to be taken seriously, and if you don’t listen to their point of view or refuse to take them seriously, you’re definitely going to get on Virgo’s nerves. Right off the bat, the playful Gemini will push Virgo’s buttons leading them to an explosive breakup. You can imagine fireworks, just not in the romantic type of way. Virgos have zero patience, which can cause a very heated discussion between flighty Gemini and Fiery Virgo. Since Geminis love to talk– if any problems occur between a Virgo and Gemini relationship most likely Gemini will ignore Virgo’s complaints. This is because in their perspective, life is supposed to be exciting and full of adventures. These two signs clearly clash and when they do it isn’t pretty. Virgos can’t understand the flightiness of the Gemini, and assume they lack the ability to settle down. If a Gemini ends the relationship, you can bet it was because they were sick of being controlled, or they got bored. This relationship is pretty much doomed from the start and the only way to avoid a brutal break up is if they both try extremely hard. May the odds be ever in these opposites favor.

1. Leo and Scorpio

The most deadly combo of all! When these two are at wits end with each other, its time to vacate the premises unless you want to be collateral damage. At first, things aren’t so bad, even when they’re going sour. That’s because Leos are fairly understanding creatures. When they aren’t feeling the relationship any longer they will do their best to explain things carefully. Once they feel their partner understands how they feel they will just move on. The fact that Leos are really good at moving on could make the break up easier, or harder. Since Scorpios are direct by nature this match might be able to sever ties in a mature manner. In the end neither one of them like the idea of lingering around if the fire just isn’t there anymore. On the other hand, both are strong headed creatures too. While Leo is a passionate lover, Scorpio is more hot-headed. When these two get together they often will have a difficult time finding a middle ground. Which means that when these two decide the relationship is over, one of them may not want it to be, thus leading to WWIII 2.0. The fact that these two signs thrive on being in control also means they are the most dramatic signs when at war with each other. Both can be loyal but once they are over something, it is truly over and there really isn’t any way of changing their minds. Considering they are both extremely stubborn the war between breaking up could go on forever or perhaps end quickly. Because these two signs are so hot-headed you don’t know whether or not they will find unity in their passions or just use the fuel from their own stubbornness and create a massive explosion.

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