4 Power Techniques That Will Help You Completely Heal Yourself (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually)

Soul Healers believed that everything has a soul: trees, animals, or even inanimate objects.

 With this, comes the assurance that everything can be cured by healing and looking after your own soul.

The primary requirement to healing your soul or transforming your life, though, is having the ability to talk to your soul. It’s necessary to engage your soul in a healthy conversation.

Because your soul has been in this Universe for a very long time, it has been through a lot and knows more than your mind, which only knows what has happened in this life.

There are four power techniques that can help you to completely heal yourself and you can employ at any time.

4 Power Techniques That Will Help You Completely Heal Yourself:

1. The Soul Power

This technique requires you to talk to yourself by directly addressing your soul. After addressing your soul, take a break and relax for three minutes. Do the process again.

This process opens up your soul and gives you a lot of learning about yourself. In a way, you will be led to solve most of your problems.

Your soul will answer in ways you’ll understand like synchronicities, signs or even gentle self talk accompanied with higher wisdom.

2. The Body Power

The Body Power is performed with hand and body positions. The purpose of this is to have a smooth flow of energy.

This involves practices like yoga, prana healing, tai chi, and other similar activities that promote connection to your soul and alignment of your body, mind, spirit and heart.

3. The Mind Power

The Mind Power is also called creative visualization. Creative visualization involves the cognitive process of generating visual, mental imagery for the purpose of modifying associated feelings or emotions, and achieve the desired goals.

One of its benefits is healing the wounds or reducing pain. In creative visualization, you need to train your mind to believe that you have the power of healing within you.

Several studies have been done to support this theory, which render positive results. Placebo is a phenomenon created exactly by this Mind Power technique.

Meditation and self-hypnosis, which allow your mind increased focus, enhance your Mind Power abilities.

4. The Sound Power

The Sound Power is utilized by chanting and listening to vibrational sounds that heal.

In the  Vedic tradition, sound vibration or Nada is the practice of Nada Yoga which uses sounds to restore physical and mental well-being and also paves the way to spiritual awakening.

According to the cell theory, sickness occurs due to an excess of energy while the lack of it also contributes to 15 percent of the illnesses. The cure has to depend on the amount of energy in your body and its harmonious flow.

The Soul Healers believed that as cells vibrate, they create an energy field around them. As they contract, the matter inside converts into energy outside in the spaces between the cells; while when these cells expand, the energy outside converts into the matter inside the cell.

When the balance between the energy and matter is mismatched, it’s then that we get sick.

There are many sounds that can restore the harmony of our energy. These sounds are mostly natural, like listening to birds, rain, or the gentle noise leaves make on trees.

However, there are chants like Om and many YouTube videos that play different healing frequencies of vibration.

When all of the above techniques are employed, you can ensure to release any energy blockage in a cellular level. This can be of big help as an addition to other methods of healing. Just make sure that you allow the energy to flow freely.

By Matteo Light
Source: limitless mind
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