5 Signs That Indicate You Are Demisexual

If you’ve ever felt like the standard game of dating and sexual attraction doesn’t quite apply to you?

It’s possible that you might be demisexual, a category that fits somewhere in between sexuality and asexuality, according to The Independent:

“Demisexuals only fancy someone once they’ve got to know them — they need to feel a strong emotional connection to feel sexual attraction.”

While it’s a more recent classification (the article also states that the term ‘demisexual’ first came into use in 2008) and there’s no clear indication on how many people identify as such.

You might believe it applies to you, and should consider some of these signs.

Looks Take a Back Seat to Personality

Beauty is only skin deep, they say, and that pearl of wisdom might be one that you understand better than most.

While the way a potential partner looks is often the primary motivator for some relationships, you look deeper, seeking an authentic, personal connection over whether or not an individual looks “hot.”

Friendship Comes First…

On a similar note, you’ll find that it’s important to become friends with someone before the idea of dating or a relationship even pops on your radar.

Any feelings you develop will be a product of shared interests and a dynamic friendship, so this will be almost always be your primary foundation for any romance.

…So That First Date Is Super-Important

Because you put so much stock in personal connections, the first date you go on with a potential partner will hold a lot of weight.

Making a good first impression is important for almost everyone, to be sure, but you’ll likely be taking this first step to a new level.

Expect deep conversations about topics that are important to you (and your prospective partner), along with an assessment of what makes the other party tick.

The Idea of Sex Doesn’t Hold as Much Weight

You might still find sex to be enjoyable, but if you’re a demisexual, you’ll also be of the opinion that it isn’t the end all and be all of your relationship.

For you, sex is lower on your list of relationship priorities than intellectually stimulating conversation, and you might also tend to fantasize about sex in a general sense as well.

You’re All About Commitment

When it comes time to get serious about a relationship, you’re likely all for it.

You’re ready to take that proverbial “plunge,” and rather than seeing it as something holding you back, you find that strong commitments are intensely gratifying — one of the mainstays of being demisexual.

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