Angels & Astrology: How Your Zodiac Signs Archangel Can Help Manifest Miracles

Ever heard the song “Angels Among Us”? It′s one of my favorites. Every once in a while we mention angels and spirit guides here. The reason for that is that astrology is a divination tool used to make predictions, forecasts, and horoscopes. But there′s so much more to it than that. So when you are reaching for the stars for astrology answers, sometimes you need a little help. Most astrologers and psychics do not rely simply on constellations and planet transits for those astrology answers. They get a little bit of help from their friends, angels and spirit guides. Did you know that you can too? Not only does every human being have their own Cabinet of angels, spirit guides, and soul mates, but every zodiac sign has their own very special archangel or guardian angels too. And that′s what we are going to talk about today.

Angels exist to guide us toward our Soul′s Divine Plan, just like astrology does. There is absolutely a connection between angels and astrology. Linking yourself with the angelic realm is a great way to better align yourself with your unique Soul Signature. Each zodiac sign has an archangel associated with it that you can consider to be your own personal guardian angel. Check out your own zodiac angel to give you a deeper understanding of yourself. Remember that angels always want to help, so don′t hesitate to call upon any of the zodiac angels and guardian angels if a different one specializes is what you need.

Aries: Ariel makes it happen.

We have been talking a lot about how Aries is the zodiac sign that loves and launches Spring. And one of the reasons for this is that Aries Archangel is the Archangel Ariel. Ariel loves to play outside, and spends a lot of time outdoors. That′s one reason why Aries loves the outdoors. If you are an Aries or need help from this angel, look to Ariel to help manifest your desires, especially with relationships. You will feel her outside. Also appeal to Ariel if you need help slowing down or quelling your ego. Ariel, like Aries, also loves to make things happen. She launches projects and relationships and is a go-getter. So if an area of your life needs to Spring forward, call on Ariel.

Taurus: Chamuel the angel of lost items.

Taurus is pretty grounded with the big picture, but when it comes to the little things in life, Taurus can get a little lost. Taurus is too busy thinking about how to be an epic success to keep track of their keys or cell phone all the time. It′s not that they are irresponsible, anything but. Those things just don′t matter. And this is why Taurus is guarded by Archangel Chamuel, to help recover those little things in life. Keys aren′t important unless you are about to miss a big meeting. You don′t need to be a Taurus to get a little help from Chamuel once in a while. If you′ve lost something as small as your cell phone, or as big as your way in life, Chamuel can help you find it. He is also happy to help you find a new career, a new life partner, or even an old friend. And, if you are so focused on being a money maker, Chamuel will help you find that way too.

Gemini: Zadkiel, to forgive is Divine

Gemini is the zodiac sign symbolized by the Twins, and their dual nature, often referred to as Jekyll and Hyde, is what they are famous for. So they often have to ask for forgiveness, if they are self-actualized enough to do so. And if they aren′t, archangel Zadkiel is by their side, and yours too, when you need some of the gift of forgiveness. At the same time, if you need to forgive, no matter what zodiac sign you are, call on Zadkiel. Gemini can be a little bit flighty, that is sometimes the understatement of the century. Zadkiel helps to balance Gemini out, and can help you too if you are having an all over the place kind of day. Where Gemini follows head over heart, most of the time, Zadkiel is on hand to balance that out. Call on Zadkiel if you need a little help moving past an issue, or need forgiveness.

Cancer: Gabriel is the Mama Bear of angels.
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Believe it or not, there is an archangel for mothers, and specifically for parents. Cancer is the zodiac sign that is best when it comes to fertility and parenting matters. One reason is that Gabriel is on their side for that. If you are trying to get pregnant, or having parenting issues in your life, ask for help from Gabriel no matter what zodiac sign you are. Gabriel can also help parents with money, particularly for those who work in the creative fields like writing. To bring more harmony and love to your home, on the parenting front especially, Gabriel is there to help all zodiac signs figure this one out. As well, if you need to be parented or nurtured a little bit, archangel Gabriel can help you out with that too. When you are feeling alone or neglected, Gabriel is the mama bear of angels that will soothe it all away.

Leo: Raziel, the archangel for drama queens

We all know Leo loves the spotlight. And even drama queens deserve an archangel on their side to do so. Meet, Raziel, the archangel with all of the flair and showmanship that Leo loves and craves. Raziel is a great archangel that brings balance into the life of every Leo. Raziel says, it′s okay to want the spotlight, just don′t be an attention hog. So with Raziel on your side, whether you are a Leo or not, you will find balance. In other words, Raziel lets you have your drama and eat it too, without the ego. Phobias and relationships are other areas that Raziel rules. So no matter what zodiac sign you are, call on Raziel to help you overcome your fears like a lion, or work through some relationship matters. Confidence is the superpower that Raziel provides, so don′t be afraid to call!

Virgo: Metatron makes negative energy disappear into thin air.

If there is one thing Virgo hates, it′s drama. Negative energy seriously brings Virgo down. So if you are finding a lot of this kicking around, call on Virgo′s archangel Metatron, the magician for drama and negative energy that waves a magic wand and makes it go poof. Sometimes we create this negative energy in ourselves. Metatron can help you relieve that too, no matter what zodiac sign you are. At the same time, if you are the one feeling like the confrontational party, a little chat with Metatron will help you put those anxieties to bed. Analytical skills and healing are just a call away when you use archangel astrology with Metatron to clear your head, and negative energy. You can even appeal to him for guidance in a difficult situation, or for a confidence boost when you′re having one of those self critical days. We all have them. Virgo is the zodiac′s worry wart, and you have those days too. Let Metatron help.

Libra: Jophiel, the angel of Feng Shui.
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We all have a little bit of clutter in our lives, whether that is actual clutter or emotional junk. Libra can′t stand clutter and finding harmony in both the environment and within is critical to Libra′s success. So Libra has the help of archangel Jophiel for that, the archangel of both physical and emotional Feng Shui. Jophiel is skilled at clearing away junk, and helping Libra, or any zodiac sign, find balance. Jophiel helps you to look past all of that clutter, and see the beauty that lies beneath. Those that suffer from self esteem issues can also call on Jophiel for help. You are beautiful, and Jophiel wants to help you find that. Because Jophiel rules Libra and Libra is all about harmonious relationships, Jophiel can help you balance things out in this area too if you are having conflict.

Scorpio: Jeremiel just says no to paranoia.

As the Fixed Water Sign, Scorpio is known to be both obsessed and paranoid. There is no zodiac sign more paranoid than Scorpio. Scorpio feels everything around them, and usually thinks every negative feeling they experience is about them. Sometimes it is. But most of the time it isn′t. And this is why Scorpio has Jeremiel on board to help see both sides of every coin when it comes to the mysteries of life. Having trouble with a grudge? Jeremiel can help. And Jeremiel can help you banish those paranoias that are based in nothing real as well. At the same time, if you are undergoing a crisis or a bit of a life review, Jeremiel can help you find those answers. You don′t need to be Scorpio. But Jeremiel can help you tap into your inner psychic and inner Scorpio if you need to.

Sagittarius: Raguel is a dispute settler, no holds barred.

As the Mutable Fire Sign, Sagittarius loathes fighting and drama. Sag is very flexible and loves it when peace and harmony prevail. And one reason for this is that Sagittarius is guarded by archangel Raguel, who is the dispute settler of the cabinet of archangels. No matter what the fight is, legal, emotional, or in a relationship, Raguel settles it once and for all. Have you ever heard a Mama say, “I don′t care who started it, I′m finishing it!” That′s her inner Raguel coming out. When you need to just finish a fight, Raguel is there for you, no matter what zodiac sign you are. Sagittarius is also the zodiac′s social butterfly. So if your social life needs a boost, this is a good archangel to call on. Raguel will also help you reunite with someone from your past, or let go of these painful issues to find new and more healthier relationships. This is the best angel to call on when you are in the throes of a tantrum or fight. Raguel finishes it for everyone, every time.

Capricorn: Azrael, the angel for the Other Side

All angels and archangels dwell in the Other Side, but there is only one archangel that truly assists in this process. This is Azrael, and whether you or a loved one is going, Azrael helps you release those fears. Capricorn is the zodiac sign that doesn′t always think of the bigger picture spiritually, or emotionally, they are too busy thinking of the bigger picture financially. And there′s nothing wrong with that. To provide this balance Azrael guards Capricorn to remind Capricorn that there is indeed a bigger picture. Azrael helps ground all of us, but needs to be called upon for that assistance. If you need help overcoming loss or grief, this is the archangel to call on. At the same time, if you just want to understand this part of the big picture more, Azrael has all of the answers for you, no matter what zodiac sign you are.

Aquarius: Uriel, the angel of wisdom and decision making.

We all have trouble making decisions once in a while. And Aquarius is the Fixed Air Sign that can get a little too obsessed with one school of thought. This is what their archangel Uriel is for. To help give Aquarius that inner genius they are known for, to make the wisest and most rational decisions every time. Uriel is particularly skilled when it comes to making decisions about love. Ever wondered, “Should I stay or should I go?” Or, “Is it him or is it the other him?” Uriel knows these answers, no matter what zodiac sign you are. And when called upon, can impart these pearls of wisdom just when you need it most. Uriel is the “wise one” of the angels. Seek out Uriel with assistance making a difficult decision, or opening up your deepest emotions. His specialty is offering insight to guide you to the right romantic partner. Aquarius is also a big thinker, and not necessarily a big feeler. So Uriel helps Aquarius, and all zodiac signs, get into that emotional side of you when you need it most. Think of Uriel as your favorite Uncle. You might not always like their advice, or understand it, but it′s always the best advice and always has your best interests in mind. Call on Uriel when you need to hear from your favorite Uncle for pearls of wisdom.

Pisces: Sandalphon, this angel of music is no Phantom.
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We′ve all heard of the angel of music from the Phantom of the Opera, but there′s a real angel of music in life too that is no phantom. That name is Sandalphon, and that archangel guards Pisces, the creative and artistic zodiac sign. Every wonder why so many Pisces are so good at music and song? They have Sandalphon on their side. And if you are a musician or just like music, Sandalphon is the angel that is by your side during those romantic songs, songs that make you feel sad, songs that make you feel glad. Or if you get a song stuck in your head, it′s there for a reason and it′s usually a message from Sandalphon. You don′t need to be a Pisces to get those messages. Music has long been known to be a healer, and Sandalphon is the archangel that can help you find that healing and peace. When you get a song stuck in your head, listen to the lyrics. What is Sandalphon trying to tell you?

How You Can Ask An Angel For Guidance
Look for signs. That′s the first part of connecting with angels and archangels. Astrology gives you clues, and you can get astrology answers right from the angels themselves. But little signs like feathers and ladybugs are little clues as well. Angels, spirit guides, and archangels, are an important part of your process of seeking a most enlightened life. The astrology answers you need are always in the stars, and within. But sometimes we can′t see them or hear them in a way that we as humans understand. You won′t know a ladybug is a sign that your angel is listening unless you are paying attention. When you need comfort, call on the angels. Their clues come to you in secret signs if you are paying attention, like a song from Sandalphon. That is their message that, they are listening, and, just ask. They are there waiting to be called upon. And that′s all you have to do. Asking for help is easy. You can ask quickly and simply asking while you′re on the go, before sleep, or even to begin a meditation. There′s no wrong way to seek an angel′s assistance! Angels like to let you know they′re listening in subtle ways, so after calling on an angel, be on the lookout for fortunate coincidences, unlikely positivity, and unexpected awesomeness!

Which angel do you feel most drawn to and why? Do you have any amazing angel stories you would like to share? Who doesn′t love a good angel story? Start the conversation and let′s begin exploring this miraculous part of life today!


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