Each Zodiac Sign And Their Likelihood To Believe In Monogamy (His And Hers)

Monogamy isn’t the only option these days, but it is the one we’re most comfortable with. When we talk about relationships, we tend to think of them in the one-on-one variety, with any extracurricular partners qualifying as affairs or cheating. Of course, that isn’t the way everyone thinks about love and dating. Polyamorous relationships are becoming more normalized in our society as long as all parties are willing, consenting, and informed adults. Before, polyamory was used synonymously with polygamy, the marrying of multiple partners, something that isn’t recognized legally in our country and tends to be part of fringe religious groups, which has lent to the misconceptions about multiple partners.

With all of that being said, have you thought about how you – or perhaps your SO – might be inclined towards polyamory versus monogamy? Maybe it’s time to look to the zodiac signs to see if you would be more open to experiencing a “big love” style of relationship versus an exclusive arrangement! The zodiac signs can tell us a lot about our love lives and the future of our experiences with love, so why not check out what would suit our sign the best?

24. Aries Man: Could Take It Or Leave It

The Aries Man is pretty comfortable in a monogamous or polyamorous relationship, due in large part to their impulsive nature and voracious appetite for doing the deed. The idea of having multiple partners intrigues you because it continues to bring you new experiences, adventures, and excitement, which is the trifecta for the Aries Man.

On the other hand, monogamy also appeals to guys born under this zodiac sign because they are extremely loyal. If they were in a relationship with someone they truly cared for and that person wasn’t keen on the idea of sharing, the Aries Man would be more than willing to accommodate that need. Plus, Aries guys know that not everyone is able to handle their fire, so when they do discover that special someone who can deal with their drama, they want to lock them down!

23. Aries Woman: Happy to Get Down With Multiple People

While the Aries Man is content to be with one person or multiple people, the Aries Woman is more at ease with the idea of getting down with multiple people at once. The Aries girl loves the challenge involved in juggling multiple partners and her competitive streak has her desperate to prove that she can not only handle it – she can rock the crap out of it!

Aries women are passionate and turbulent, and their temper can get them into volatile relationships, so sometimes they just try to steer clear of that whole hornet’s nest. For Aries Women, they do better with keeping things light and easy without all the heaviness of monogamous relationship. Having multiple people keep them on their toes lets them have their cake and eat it too!

22. Taurus Man: The More, The Merrier

The sign of the bull, you might think that the Taurus Man prefers stability over variety, but that wouldn’t be the case! The Taurus Man is a man of sensual appetites that know no bounds. He loves the best in everything, from food to intimacy to clothing, and he always wants more of it, even if he thinks he’s had his fill.

Like food, the Taurus Man would rather multiple partners than risk stagnating with just one. This guy takes a very long time to make up his mind, and while he might end up being in a monogamous relationship once he gets older and decides to settle down, until then, he’s feasting on the buffet of sensual delights! Being able to get it on with more than one woman is heaven on earth for this pleasure-loving guy!

21. Taurus Woman: One is Plenty

Unlike the Taurus Man who wants to sample a little bit of everything, the Taurus Woman much prefers settling down with one person. While she has the same inclination towards sensuality as her male counterpart, she also has a fierce loyalty that ties her to one partner rather than many.

Since Taurus women tend to want to take the lead in a lot of their relationships, they do best when they’re matched with someone who can handle their fire. Their argumentative streak also means that they find multiple partners irritable to deal with, and would rather stick with just one person who really understands them. Taurus women acknowledge the issues that can arise in a relationship, but they’d rather figure out how to solve them than run away from them into someone else’s arms.

20. Gemini Man: Committed 100% to the Right Person

Being the sign of the twins, the Gemini Man rarely has any clear idea of what he wants, in life or in love. He can swing towards a serious relationship or many flings, depending on the situation and his mood, which changes in the blink of an eye. While they love people and spending time with them, guys born under this sign also have a major problem with commitment – namely, that they hate it. With that being said, when a Gemini guy finds someone who really catches his eye and his heart, he will be 100% committed to that person. This sign is naturally affectionate and loves to show that affection. When he’s in a serious monogamous relationship, that affection can bloom into sweet gestures and thoughtful dates that’ll make any girl swoon.

19. Gemini Woman: Big Flirt, No Follow-Through

Easily the flirtiest sign of the zodiac, the Gemini Woman loves to spread the love. She wants to get to know new people everywhere she goes, and her naturally outgoing attitude means that she makes friends quickly and easily. Sometimes, though, her energetic and extroverted personality can be read the wrong way, and while she is friendly, she can often be mistaken for flirtatious. This doesn’t necessarily bother the Gemini Woman, but she can never manage to keep it up. The short attention span of this zodiac sign means that she can flirt but never follow through with her promises, making her impossible to juggle multiple relationships. She can try and date a couple people at once, but if things get a whiff of seriousness, she gets cold feet and bails.

18. Cancer Man: Emotional Rollercoaster Calls For Multiple Partners

The emotional neediness that defines the Cancer Man might make you think that he would do best in a monogamous relationship where he can be soothed and coddled, but that’s actually not the case! Cancer men can be difficult to deal with and require a lot of work and emotional carrying to deal with all their baggage, so it’s best to divide their issues up among multiple people.

Unlike other signs on this list, the Cancer Man isn’t interested in polyamory or multiple partners simply for intimacy reasons – they require a team of others to cater to all their needs, to listen to them, care for them, and love them. A variety of other people help keep the Cancer Man on an even keel. proving that this sign may be the biggest shocker when it comes to monogamy.

17. Cancer Woman: Prefers Stability

While the emotional neediness of the Cancer Man has him running in all directions to be satisfied, the Cancer Woman prefers stability and the comforts of home when it comes to their relationships.

The Cancer Woman forms strong emotional bonds in her relationship, and while she may ask for a lot from her partner, she’s not inclined to open up to just anyone, making polyamory almost impossible. She needs to feel secure in a relationship before getting vulnerable, which is a requirement that calls for monogamy. The insecurity inherent to women born under this sign means that she doesn’t have the ego or inflated self-esteem necessary to manage multiple relationships with different people, and will instead seek out that one perfect person to pin their heart to.

16. Leo Man: Too Honest To Stray

With the Leo Man’s need for adoration and adulation at all times, it probably comes as a big shock to those familiar with the zodiac that this sign actually isn’t predisposed to polyamory, and is actually better suited to monogamy! In fact, it’s in part because of his need for admiration that keeps him honest: he’s always surrounded by people who love to lavish him with attention that he don’t feel the need to commit his affections to anyone but the one he truly has feelings for!

The Leo Man might be the type to have multiple affairs, and it’s true that there are instances of this, but they’re generally too honest to let anything get too far. This sign loves as hard as they want to be loved, and their generosity of spirit has them unwilling to take anyone they care about for granted.

15. Leo Woman: Ride-Or-Die Kind of Woman

Similar to the Leo Man, the Leo Woman is the ride-or-die type who will be committed to one guy and give it all to him. Women born under this sign are likely to jump from one monogamous relationship to the next, but they will never, ever cheat. This girl wants to give all her attention and affection to one person, and expects the same level of commitment in return. A polyamorous setup wouldn’t work for a Leo Woman because she would have to share the spotlight with someone else. She expects 100% commitment from her partner and will return the favour. In a non-monogamous situation, she couldn’t expect her partner’s focus to be on her all the time, and that jealousy will drive her to commit.

14. Virgo Man: One-Woman Man

Probably not a surprise to anyone, but the practical and staid Virgo Man definitely isn’t into the idea of juggling multiple partners or relationships. He is all about a long-term relationship with one person and is actually the most faithful sign in the entire zodiac!

A major reason for the Virgo Man’s loyalty is his careful way of going through life and his intense anxiety about what other people think. He doesn’t feel confident enough to be involved – physically or emotionally – with multiple people at once. Additionally, he worries about what people on the outside of the relationship will think of him if he was with a bunch of different ladies, and that shyness and insecurity doesn’t lend itself to a polyamorous relationship. One woman is plenty for the Virgo guy – sometimes, it’s even more than he can handle!

13. Virgo Woman: Not Into Casual Flings

The Virgo Woman abhors anything casual – it’s just not in her nature. She can’t deal with booty calls or casual flings, and even flirtations have her analyzing every action and how she might be perceived by others.

It takes a lot for a Virgo Woman to open up enough to enter into a relationship because of her deep-seated insecurities. She doesn’t like the idea of allowing random people to know her innermost self, and will feel guilty and ashamed if she gets in too deep before she’s ready. The Virgo girl only gets vulnerable when she really trusts the other party, and that’s hard to come by if you’re keeping things casual. Monogamy is the only way to go for women born under this sign and they won’t even hear about trying anything else!

12. Libra Man: Too Many People = Too Many Feelings

Libra guys are known for being social and friendly and love to spend most of their time surrounded by people. With that being said, they are also fixated on the idea of balance and harmony, and that’s difficult to come by when there are multiple people with the multitude of messy feelings involved!

The Libra Man is ruled by the planet Venus, which means he loves love, and falls into it pretty quickly and frequently, although not without a few stipulations. He’s looking for The One, and so is likely to jump from relationship to relationship, but he wants to give them a fair chance, and so will focus his attention entirely on that one person. He doesn’t want to cause pain to the person he cares about, and in order to keep things balanced, will stick with monogamy.

11. Libra Woman: Love & Harmony For One

Like the Libra guy, the Libra girl is likewise predisposed to a monogamous relationship. She worries constantly about being the “good guy” and hates to upset the balance, so a polyamorous situation is too precarious for her to feel comfortable with. Since Libra women hate confrontation, the idea of engaging in arguments or fights with more than one partner puts them in a cold sweat – they’d rather only have to deal with one person for that sensitive issue.

Fascinated by symmetry and balance, the Libra Woman seeks the other half to complete her. She may date around a bit, but will know her soulmate when she meets them. Love is the endgame for her and she thinks she’s less likely to find it if her attention is spread across multiple people.

10. Scorpio Man: Satisfied With One

Despite the fact that the Scorpio Man is known for his libido and intense need for intimacy, he’s not the type to go looking everywhere for it! Instead, he’s most satisfied with one partner rather than spreading himself across multiple ladies. The incredible passion that is a defining trait of the Scorpio Man means that he will focus all his attention on his special woman and would prefer to keep his gaze singularly trained.

The thing with the Scorpio Man is that he has a powerful temper and it’s not something that people can take lightly. He knows how to cut strangers to shreds with his words, which isn’t suited for a polyamorous relationship. With a partner who understands him and his way of expressing his emotions, the Scorpio dude does best in a one-on-one monogamous relationship.

9. Scorpio Woman: Jealousy Means One Partner

Like the Scorpio Man, the Scorpio Woman one of the most s*xual signs of the zodiac and is also predisposed towards monogamy, but not for the same reasons. Scorpio is know for being intensely jealous, especially when it comes to relationships, which doesn’t do well in a setup that involves attention divided among multiple partners. She hates the idea that the guy she’s into may be involved with other women because it preys on her insecurities and fuels her jealousy. A monogamous relationship ensures that she feels adequately loved and cared for – which is something the prickly Scorpio Woman is loath to admit but desperately needs. Exclusivity is the name of the game for women born under this sign, and beware of even attempting to suggest an alternative.

8. Sagittarius Man: Goes Against His Morals

Known for being the bachelor type-sign of the zodiac, one might think that the Sagittarius Man would want to play the field instead of ever settling down, but, surprise surprise, they know themselves well enough not to think that they could actually pull it off!

Sag guys are associated with philosophy and religion, which form his guiding principle on this. Put simply, he doesn’t think that polyamory is realistic or acceptable. He finds it difficult enough to focus his love and attention one just one person that he knows he would be doing a disservice to himself and everyone else if he tried to spread that even more thinly across multiple partners. It might take a long time for a Sagittarius man to commit to someone for the long haul, but when they do, you can bet that they’ll stick to their guns.

7. Sagittarius Woman: Doesn’t See The Point In Deviating From One

Similar to the Sagittarius Man, the Sagittarius Woman doesn’t like the idea of polyamory, and would probably consider herself a serial monogamist more than anything else. While she loves to experience new things and travel the world to discover new adventures, she also wants to be able to devote herself to these pursuits. When she goes to a new country, she immerses herself in the culture; she doesn’t look around her for what she’ll be doing next.

The Sag girl doesn’t see the point in juggling multiple relationships because she can’t properly enjoy them if her attention is split between different people. She’s instead more likely to jump from one relationship to the next, rather than try to have a bunch on the go at once.

6. Capricorn Man: Can Handle Multiple Partners

Considering how straight-laced the Capricorn Man is, it might shock you to know that he is actually the most likely sign of the zodiac to engage in multiple affairs! In a survey conducted by OpenMinded.com, Capricorn was determined to be the most likely to be polyamorous sign – and by a fairly significant margin, too! This sign is serious by nature and a notorious workhorse who is the master of self-control, but that just means that they’re actually better at keeping multiple partners on the go. They know how to schedule themselves enough to handle different relationships and, since he is often repressed emotionally, things won’t get as messy as they might be if he was a fountain of feelings. Something that involves organization, time management, and getting it on? Sign the Capricorn Man up!

5. Capricorn Woman: Needs Some Excitement In Life

Now that the initial shock has worn off, the Capricorn Woman is just as predisposed to enjoying a polyamorous relationship as her male counterpart. She too spends so much of her time at work and doing whatever she can to get ahead that the idea of fun is a foreign concept to her. She needs some excitement in her life and, since she’s so good at managing herself and scheduling her time, multiple affairs and relationships is the best answer!

Capricorn Women are naturally curious and interested in things and people outside of themselves, even if they often refrain from exploring those interests. A polyamorous relationship or multiple partners allows her to sample some of what life has to offer – but in her way and on her time. She’s able to make juggling multiple partners look surprisingly easy!

4. Aquarius Man: Hates Being Tied Down

The sign that’s known to run from emotional expression, the Aquarius Man can easily handle the demands of a polyamorous lifestyle and finds their heads being turned in all directions, since they’re attracted to pretty much everyone! He finds himself drawn to people on emotional, physical, and intellectual levels, and has learned that multiple people can best satisfy all his different cravings.

Aquarius men are also incredibly independent. They don’t need to be tied to any one person, and the idea of committing to someone for an extended period of time actually fills them with anxiety. Being able to date multiple people at once lets him enjoy the single life while also getting a taste of romantic bliss. To him, polyamory is simply the way relationships are meant to be.

3. Aquarius Woman: Not Into Traditional Relationships

Monogamy bores the Aquarius Woman. She chafes at the idea of a conventional relationship that follows the socially-sanctioned set of rules, and her curiosity and open mind means that she’s much happier being involved with multiple people at once. Women born under this sign are ruled by the rebellious planet Uranus, and so a traditional relationship feels overdone to them.

This isn’t to say that the Aquarius Woman won’t date people – she will, and many of them! However, she’ll be hesitant to put labels or exclusivity on anything in case that cuts her off from a potentially amazing experience. Being with a bunch of different people allows her to explore more of the world and the people in it, and speaks to her freedom-loving mind and independent soul.

2. Pisces Man: Too Emotional For Multiple People

For polyamory to be successful, a certain amount of emotional distancing is required, and unfortunately for the Pisces Man, they just don’t possess that level of perspective. They are know to be the most emotional and sensitive sign of the zodiac, and that doesn’t lend itself too well to a polyamorous lifestyle. He needs his emotional needs to be met by a committed, compassionate, and loving individual, rather than try his hand at juggling a bunch of different people.

With his head in the clouds, the Pisces Man might like to imagine himself as the object of multiple ladies’ affections, but in reality, he knows he couldn’t pull it off. He loves too intensely to spread it out among different people, and one person who truly knows him and his emotions keeps him on the pro-monogamy train.

1. Pisces Woman: Falls In Love With Everyone They Meet

Pisces women love love. They fall in love with the idea of love and have crushes on everyone they meet at different times in their lives. Her penchant for daydreaming has her imagining her life with multiple partners, and she likes to spin elaborate fantasies about what that could look like and how that love would feel. A shy glance from a stranger on the subway or a lingering touch from the barista when she’s picking up her coffee has her thinking about this possible-yet-impossible future.

With all of that being said, the Pisces lady cannot handle polyamory. In all of her fantasies, she is the sole recipient of this person’s affections, and while her trusting nature has her giving people the benefit of the doubt, she won’t ever take someone for a ride and risk hurting their feelings.

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