How Likely You Are To Be A “Maneater” Vs. A “Cat Lady” Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Relationships are complicated. No matter how ready you think you are, there are always those nuances that create conflict or the very least misunderstandings and confusion. It’s not just about culture, social class, or language that create divides –relationships are tough because often times we forget to refer to natal charts in order to find our perfect match. Hence the copious amounts of failed relationships. As a matter of fact, it’s quite easy to watch a relationship crumble before your very eyes.

For this reason, not everyone gravitates towards relationships. It can be hard on the heart and soul. Some prefer to avoid relationships altogether. Some prefer to walk this world alone, sans stress and strict social categories. Whatever category you fit into, be sure to study your partner’s chart to discover how important relationships are to him. Locating synastry will be key to the survival of your relationship –that is, if you even want one in the first place.

Aries –Hot To Trot

An Aries female will break a heart in a heartbeat and not even think twice about it. She won’t feel too much either as a result. Although she will constantly debate if she’s made the right decision. All energy for Aries female is in the head –she is consumed by her thoughts which are mostly directed at taking action and keeping things moving. Independence is her life’s mission and on her journey if some relationships start and stop, well, that’s just part of the process. She does not hold on tightly. She’s ready to let go and, in some cases, ready to move on –trudging forward looking for the next challenge. One thing, though, an Aries female will not respect anyone that’s too easy, so for anyone who wants to be more than a fling, don’t give into her intimate energies too easily. Let her chase you and let the games begin.

Taurus –Earth Goddess

Taurus is all earth goddess which means she can easily get in tune with others or with herself. This is one zodiac sign that could to either way. She’s eager to start something with Venus as her guide. Taurus female knows how to get what she wants –and not just spotting the guy and reeling him in, but also whilst in the midst of a relationship she will have mastery conjuring skills. However, on the other side is the hard-working Taurus female energy that’s focused on self and not much else. She will be so dedicated to self that she’ll likely turn stubborn should anyone even suggest she start a relationship. Whether she chooses to be a woman who likes or dislikes relationships, she’ll likely stick to one side and not vary much as her fixed nature will keep her on a one-track sort of lifestyle.

Gemini –Boy Crazy

As if this wasn’t obvious! Gemini females are bound to the boy craziest of them all. It’s not just the fact that she’s a flirty by trade, but her air energy keeps her hopping from one boy toy to the next. She cannot sit still. At least, not for long. And why should she when there are, in fact, so many fish in the sea. Don’t be surprised if the Gemini female goes the extra mile to find loving in distant places, either. She’s down for any adventure and that includes traveling to get those taboo intimate experiences. One thing’s for sure, not other sign could match a Gemini female’s creativity or her insatiable hunger to sample all the world has to offer. This one isn’t shy!

Cancer –Cat Lady

Cancer ladies are straight up house matrons. She feels most comfortable at home. And she has to go it alone, so be it. She doesn’t get caught up in the drama or the details of a relationship. Actually, she values her solitude so much that she often hides herself away to escape the world for days. She needs to be at home because home is where her heart is. But the truth is –she’s so emotional that most can’t stand her mood swings. This will be the determining factor of her decision to stay single. Don’t get it twisted –the Cancer female is perfectly fine with the idea of being a cat lady until her dying day. She’s got so many emotions to explore and uncover that she knows it might take a lifetime to do so.

Leo –Pride Full Of Lovers

While a Leo has a strong proclivity for fidelity, she’s also no stranger to creating a flock of fellas. As the lioness, it’s no secret that she is fine with letting a few kings of the jungle pay her a visit. After all, she’s on the hunt for that perfect relationship. So in the fun she has as a single female, her ultimate goal is always on the prize –a mate for life. She will never feel guilty, either, for all her explorations because her purpose goes beyond the physical. Of course, she truly enjoys her search for the proper partner. However, once she finds the right one, she’ll settle down for life. Well, that is, unless another male energy comes through and sweeps her off her feet in a way that reminds her of a creative self she might have left behind somewhere.

Virgo –Hermit Status

Maybe as an earth goddess energy, some might think Virgo gravitates towards relationships, but that’s where many would be wrong. The Virgo female graves alone time. She is much more satisfied with a solitary walk through a wooded glen than time spent with a partner. No other sign knows how to hermit out like a Virgo does. She is truly the epitome of solitude personified. This is not a sign that actively seeks out relationships, they just sort of happen to her. And with time, she’ll learn that she’s not really as invested as the rest of the world says she should be. Alone time is as romantic as it gets for a Virgo female and once she discovers this –all partners will pale in comparison.

Libra –Ready For Romance

No other sign will jump on the relationship bandwagon as quickly as a Libra female. It’s not just a case of obsession for her, but a real heart condition. For a Libra female, life has no purpose if it doesn’t have a life partner. She will search the world over looking for that prince charming and in the process settle for many who don’t deserve her energies. In the end, it will be about trying various energies to know which suits her best. As the queen of justice, she wants a partner who’s equally fair –but more importantly, one who will be the Yin to her Yang. Romance wins her heart time and time again, no matter how subtle or corny, she’ll fall for it time and time again.

Scorpio –Man Eater

For those who know the presence of a Scorpio female, it will be common knowledge that she is the ultimate man eater. It’s not just about her mysterious appeal, although that does get her what she wants time and time again –it’s mostly about her ability to devour, consume, regenerate, then come back again for round two, three, x, y, z. She won’t necessarily want to be in a relationship, per se, but she will want to be wanted. It isn’t just about ego, but it’s about using energies to satisfy her craving for attention and power. Scorpio females thrive on power dynamics and she loves a good challenge. She will not back down from anything or anyone. Even in relationships, better believe that a Scorpio female will come out on top. At the end of the day, Scorpio female is just after one thing –indulging her desires, whether that be with or without someone. For her it makes no difference, as long as her needs are being met.

Sagittarius –Single And Ready To Mingle

This Sagittarius female won’t quit. Not only the life of the party, she’s also the hostess. She likes to plan events because this way she can be the center of attention or at the very least be surrounded by several energies that might turn into flings, flames, or fabulous friends with benefits. Relationships are not her thing and it’s proven time and time again with how miserably she fails at them. Unless she truly finds a partner that will let her explore herself completely, she will run into partners who constrict her flow and sense of self. Sagittarius female lives life to the fullest and that often means being without a partner. The moment she discovers she works best like this, the closer she’ll get to the type of life she really desires and deserves.

Capricorn –Cuddle Bunny

Oh sure, we’ve all heard it before, the Capricorn female is the coldest in the land. Sure, while she might be aloof, she is not aloof with her partner. She won’t show love in ways that can be easy to identity. Her love language is not just practical, but subtle. The point is that she has one and she want to express this love language to a partner. She is bound for relationship town. Capricorn ladies love to be cuddled up with their boos which makes sense considering the winter season is upon us hardest in the new year. With a Capricorn female, relationships might feel stagnant, but that’s just the serious side of Capricorn letting her Saturn rule all things. If she lets her hair down, she’s a real vixen –it just takes a bit of time to convince that part of her to come out. But once out –watch out! Taming her won’t be easy.

Aquarius –Free As a Bird

Aquarius female is not looking for a relationship –far from it, actually. She thrives on a life made on the road, one full of spontaneity and full of the unknown. She is at her best when alone and doesn’t often find solace in others –neither platonically or romantically. Here is another energy that would be happy to spend the rest of her years hiding away from the world. In reality, she has a mission that expands beyond the concepts of relationships. Her goal is of the heart, one that ignores her needs and puts those of others before her. Not just a humanitarian, but a real philosopher, she’ll find herself confused and trapped in a relationship. But before long, she’ll come to her senses and hit the road again –leaving all relationships far, far behind.

Pisces –Necromancer

It might sound a bit macabre to say, but the Pisces female is more worried about her relationship with death and life than with having a relationship with humans, even less, something of vaguely reminiscent of romance. She romances herself and that is enough for her. Romance to her looks like everything and nothing –whatever makes her feel most authentic. And for a Pisces female that can be anything from getting lost in a dreamscape to getting lost in alternative worlds or lifestyles. If she finds herself in a relationship it will be based on spiritual aspects and not much more –as if that’s not enough already. The goal is to avoid relationships in order to reach heightened states of being. For most, relationships are distractors. And it’s the same for Pisces. She would much rather be alone than fall victim to relationships. She’ll learn this lesson later in life, but it will be one well worth the wait considering death is just around the corner.

The First & Seventh Houses

Want to know if you’re more likely to be paired up or bask in solitary confinement? Look at the first house which is all about self. If you have a lot of planets here, chances are your primary focus in this lifetime will be on yourself and not on others. You’ll be a freedom loving spirit for life, on a mission to find not only your place in this world, but your purpose. If you have a lot of planets in the seventh house, you are much more prone to be attracted to relationships. You focus will be on building energies with those around you in order to understand how the world works. For you, life will make more sense though exchanges with others. Of course, it depends on the planets. For example, Saturn in the seventh house could indicate someone who creates boundaries around relationships. Whereas Jupiter or Venus here indicate someone who’s open and willing to try new relationships.


As most of us know, Venus represents love, she’s the ruler of riches and art, but that’s not all. She also shows us how we attract those around us and how we respond to beauty and relationships. Her power lies in how she attracts her partners. Venus will know just how to get the right attention for the right job –her job is to manifest through concentrated energies and building upon beauty. Venus in water signs will be looking to relationships that are emotionally charged and full of profundities –even tapping into the abyss. Venus in earth signs tend to be more practical; most don’t depend on others and are grounded enough in self to accomplish life’s goals. Venus in air signs require a sense of individual creativity, yet are drawn to others albeit on a surface level. Venus in fire signs will be on the hunt, equally quick to finish something as start it –they crave independence yet desire physical love.

The Fifth & Eleventh Houses

The fifth house is related to social spaces that exist close to home, close to the heart. This is Leo’s house, focused on children, family, and creativity. This is how you view yourself in relationship to familial endeavors. This could show you how you feel about creating a family. Whereas the eleventh house focuses on outward social spaces that deal with friendships and events. This is Aquarius’s house, working on humanitarian goals and a life free from restraints. This will indicate how you feel about platonic relationships as opposed to those that created a family. Although the eleventh house creates community, too –the primary objective is to create a family unit outside of blood ties and genetic pools. This house is a family created by choice.

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