How To Know If A Succubus Or Incubus Has Ever Tried To Seduce You

Has An Succubus Or Incubus Ever Tried To Seduce You? 

When you dream of sex, you may think that it’s all just in your mind. But did you know that your erotic dreams could be actual sexual encounters with a Succubus or Incubus!

This is something I have encountered with clients many time, and I have helped several people protect themselves from these naughty astral beings! This can be an emotionally serious situation to be in, and if you are being visitied by them, so you don’t want to ignore it.

The Succubus And Incubus

Succubi and incubi are lusty astral beings that lure you into having sex with them, and eventually, into sexual perversion. Succubi are beings that assume a female form, while incubi are those that take on a male form. These spirits usually appear in the night while you sleep. Although they can also manifest in a physical form too!

When they assume a physical shape, is will beone that you find to be irresistibly attractive. At other times, they may just remain in spirit form, but with enough power to give you great sexual satisfaction.

They also have a way of manipulating your mind, in which case, you will sense a strange and overwhelming surge in your sexual desires, urges that go beyond natural hormonal reactions.

Have You Unknowingly Been Seduced By One?

Unless it’s part of your fantasies, then it’s not very likely. More often than not, succubi and incubi seduce people into agreeing to have sex. They are so good at arousing a human’s sexual desires that they do not have to force themselves on their targets.

In most cases, when you are able to resist, they just leave. They may come back and try again, using new tactics of seduction, but they usually never try to force themselves on you.

Why They Try To Seduce Humans

There are many different reasons why these astral beings engage people to have sex with them. One of the reasons is because they can be naturally envious of humans. They also want to suck the heightened energy from people which is present during intercourse. Some other reasons are because they want to fill individuals with negative energy, disguised as physical pleasure; and they also like to corrupt the human mind into perversion.

The thing is, while sex and sex dreams give unadulterated pleasure, they can also make individuals feel miserable, dirty, fearful, and guilty. Demons enjoy it when humans feel these negative emotions.

How To Know If You’re Being Seduced By A Succubus Or Incubus

So, how can you tell whether you’re having an ordinary erotic dream or you’re having a sexual encounter with one of these astral beings?

• Usually, if you’re seduced by one of these beings, you will have a sense of being awake and aware of what’s going on, except your mind and your senses will be quite sluggish.

• You may feel “someone” touching you, seducing you, and arousing your sexual desires. Depending on your reactions, the touch may result to more aggressive groping of sensitive areas on your body.

• You may also sense the weight of “someone” on top of you. At this point, the encounter may become more intense, and you may even feel a kind of forcefulness that tries to put you into submission. You may find yourself unable to move, as though you’re pinned down.

When you become fully awake, you will sense that the encounter was “too real” to have been a dream. You may feel tired and fatigued, but at the same time feel a sense of marvel from your experience.

The same being may return to have sex with you several times. Eventually, you may find yourself wanting to have more and more of it, something like an addiction, and you may even begin to daydream about it.

Inside, you may feel guilty, especially if you already have a human partner, which can result in a downward spiral in your happiness. Some people even find themselves feeling dissatisfied with having sex with a human.

But the time will come when the Succubus or Incubus will no longer see you as a worthy conquest, and it will move on to find another person to take energy from.

How To Protect Yourself

As I said, succubi and incubi usually come when you have a strong, and usually repressed, sexual desire. You may deny these feelings consciously, but if your subconscious has a longing, you may find yourself being seduced by them.

The best way to avoid them is via White Light meditation before you go to bed. Closing your eyes, take a few deep, mindful breaths to calm your heart and mind. Then in your minds eye imagine a beautiful, bright white light surrounding your entire body. Feel the light protecting, warming and comforting you. You can make the light as wide and as bright as you desire. You can even include objects or other people in your white light that you wish to send healing and protective energy to.

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