Just Alaska: Guy Finds Giant Moose Wandering The Streets At Midnight

What a crazy thing to see in the middle of the road at midnight! But, it’s just a typical night in Alaska!

In the video, the guy is driving and spots something unusual… a giant moose walking on the roads! You can see how big it is when comparing it to the car on the opposite lane. Obviously, people are all fascinating about the creature, they even reversing their car to move along with the moose, probably trying to take more photos or videoes.

Let see some comments from the internet:

“I heard once that Moose could flip a car if they got pissed and I didn’t believe it. Seeing this changes my opinion..”

“I hope he’s okay his hind legs look jacked up hopefully someone can help him or even better I hope he recovers with time. God Bless this Moose.”

“This is a survivor of the prehistoric wars. Show our Veterans some respect.”


“Just a normal moose doing KiKi challenge”

“He’s gonna start coming in your dreams and start hurting you. After you wake up, your wounds remain. Now you have to find the moose and kill him before he kills you. This is a plot for a horror movie.”

“This is a moose? Are they typically this huge? I can’t believe this. It’s like straight out of a movie.”

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