Make Sure You Don’t Do Any Of These 6 Things During Venus Retrograde

We all know what the Venus retrograde means for us and with it on its way already, I am sure that there are a few of us who are confused about the things that they should or should not do but do not fret, this article is here to tell you!

Do not stay hung up on past lovers
The past is gone and what has been done cannot be changed. There must have been reasons why you are not with any of them anymore so focus on your life right now instead of things that once were.

Do not ignore the signs
Remember that the Universe always has your back and is looking out for you, so do not ignore the signs that it throws your way. This is its only way to guide you and take you where you are meant to be.

Do not let go of important people
While it is always necessary that you let go of people who are making things difficult for you and are taking advantage of you, do not cut off people that mean something to you over a small fight or anything like that.

Do not let the past rule you
The past, well, is in the past which means that there is no way it can change, which is why, there is no use thinking about the things that were because the present is what needs your constant attention. Live your life the way it is meant to be lived.

Do not ignore your heart
While your head is more level headed than your heart, your heart understands you like no other. Let your heart take the front seat first because it is the only thing that knows what you really want. Trust it with your happiness.

Do not rush
There is always a worry of not having enough time but always remember that the Universe has a plan for you and its pace is suited to the plan. Do not try to rush things because that way you might lose out on a lot.

If you manage to avoid doing all those things, then you might just survive Venus Retrograde unscathed! Good luck!

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