Need a New Job? Become a Sex Toy Tester for $35,000 a Year… No, Really

A company in the UK is looking to hire a person to be their official sex toy reviewer, the New York Post reports. What’s more, the company is offering ah-mazing perks. Like, better-than-reaching-climax kind of perks. Curious? Read on below to find out more about what it takes to be a sex toy tester.
Best job ever?

As reported by the New York Post, a company is looking to bring someone on board as their official sex toy reviewer. Best of all? The company is offering some fabulous perks along with the already fabulous job.Duties and salary. According to the New York Post, the lucky candidate will be able to try out all of sex toy brand LoveWoo’s products. And, they’ll get paid a $36,000 salary while doing so. No, that wasn’t a typo— $36,000 to have orgasms on a daily basis. Like, wow.

Where. So, exactly where will the work be taking place? Well, the climax-seeking employee will be able to work home two days a week, with the other three days being spent in the office. Not so bad, huh?

Benefits. As mentioned, there are some wonderful perks that come with the “job.” “You can also take advantage of unlimited holiday, a three-day company retreat, discounted gym membership at a selection of premier gyms and private healthcare,” the New York Post reports. Seriously, we couldn’t make this stuff up even if we tried.

Benefits. But there’s more. Not only will the employee be able to take their birthday off, they’ll also be able to take a half day on their birthday eve. Just one question: where do we sign up?

Sex toys and beyond. But the sex toy tester will be able to enjoy more than just naughty gadgets. As it turns out, lingerie is included, too. “The sex toy tester will have access to the LoveWoo products, which include everything from lingerie and games to sex toys,” the New York Post reports.

How it works. Still, we know what you might be wondering: what exactly does a sex toy tester do beyond, well, test sex toys? Well, there is some legit work involved. Like, written reports and sh*t.

How it works. Namely, the sex toy tester will be burdened with the oh-so hard task of trying items out and reviewing them. Specifically, they’ll review these gadgets on their strong points and their not-so-strong points, pointing out how they could possibly be improved. Sounds easy enough, right?

How it works. That said, it’s not all *that* great— there’s some social media work involved, too. Per the New York Post: “You will also use social media to share reviews, respond to customer queries and write features for the site.” Ick.

Applying. So, how can one apply? Well, the strange job comes with an equally strange application process. Makes sense, no? You didn’t actually think they’d make the application process for this easy… Pft.

Applying. According to the New York Post, “If you wish to apply, you have to send in a sample sex toy review, along with a CV and/or a video application.” Sample sex toy review? Easy. But video application? Talk about awkward.

Applying. Why a video application, you say? While we also though it was pretty unusual to ask for actual footage of yourself in an application process, according to New York Post, the company has a legit reason for doing so: because they want you to explain why you should be given the job. Um. Alright.

Applying. Seemingly, we can’t help but think that they’re asking for a video application mostly because they want to give the job to a conventionally attractive person (read: woman). Just think: why have a not-so-cute girl trying out the sex toys when you can have a blonde bombshell?

Who. But enough talk about the company’s sh*tty application process. Let’s look at who they’re looking for, shall we? According to the New York Post, “The London-based company says they are looking for someone with a sense of humor, who is open-minded and has excellent communication skills.” Lol.

Who. The New York Post adds, “They should ideally have been published before and should be able to create interesting features, advice pieces and product round-up guides.” Sure. Just sure.

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