Pick One Card From 1-6 To Receive Your Solar Eclipse and New Moon Message

Here’s a fun and intuitive way to find out your message for this Solar Eclipse/New moon. Choose a number between 1 to 6 and take a look at the card’s message below for the corresponding number. You may wish to formulate a question at this time if you would like.

Before you get started, take a few breaths to center your energies, call upon your Angels and guides or whichever divine force you personally work with, and go by what number pops up in your mind’s eye first. Allow your own intuition to guide you on what your chosen message could personally mean to you.

I hope this short, interactive reading brings you guidance. If you enjoyed it, please don’t forget to share.

Number 1 – Sonya: I bring you a message from your deceased loved one

The spirit world is communicating with you, dear one. Perhaps, you lost a loved one who is trying to communicate with you from the other side, to tell you that they are watching over you and will always love you. There is no need for you to worry, hold guilt within your heart and feel depressed. They are with you in spirit and are guiding you.

You also have a strong connection with your spirit guides, who could be a loved one from the other side. They are sending you signs and are guiding you on your path. Pay attention to the signs you see, hear, and feel.

Through this message, some of you are being guided at this time to let go of grief from your heart. You may have witnessed a major loss recently and could be finding it hard to move past the pain. This full moon-lunar cycle, work towards releasing this loss by handing it over to God and your Angels. Let your grieving heart heal and prepare you for new blessings.

Number 2- Archangel Sandalphon brings you Gifts from God

Your prayers have manifested. You are reaping the rewards of your manifestation work. Congratulations! All that you have to do now is to be open to receiving these gifts that your Angels bring to you.

You could block these gifts if you are not open to receiving. Some of the ways in which you could be doing this is by feeling unworthy and un-deserving of the blessings that are making their way into your life. You could also block new things from coming into your life by holding onto old stuff. This Full Moon-Lunar Cycle, work on the energy of receptivity. Believe in yourself. Raise your self-esteem and self-confidence. Get done with the old so that you can make way for the new.

In general, this message indicates that you are about to receive some wonderful gifts in the form of a happy news, new opportunities and abundance. Get ready!

Number 3 – Simplify your Life

You are tired, dear one. Not just physically, but emotionally and perhaps, mentally, too. You have scattered your energies in so many different directions and to tasks, which are robbing you of your vitality. It is time to simplify your life.

During this Full Moon-Lunar Cycle, focus on de-cluttering your life. Right from your living and work space to your lifestyle. Choose to let go of people, situations, objects, and substances which are negatively impacting you.

You do have an important life purpose during this lifetime and you are fully supported. Ask for help with anything that you need to let go. Get focused. Narrow down your goals and objectives so that you can fully dedicate your time and energy to them. Also, remember to take some time out for yourself. It is important to recharge and revitalise your energy through activities that help you de-stress and bring out your playful side.

Number 4 – A New Dawn

You have been through a tumultuous phase in the past, but this message is here to tell you that the worst is now behind. Kudos for withstanding a difficult phase. The good news is that a new and positive start awaits you.

Your life is moving in a new direction. Don’t be afraid of change. Positive experiences lie ahead. Trust and follow the course. It is ‘Good-bye to the old and Hello to the new’. Let go of any bitterness and resentments. Break the old negative patterns.

Some of you could be manifesting a new relationship, a new job, moving into a new house, getting ready to start a new chapter of your life. This is a time to take a sigh of relief and get ready for a new and exciting chapter of your life that is about to unfold.

Number 5 – Admit the Truth to yourself and Act accordingly

Important life changes are ahead of you and Archangel Michael is working closely with you, dear one. But, at this stage, it is important for you to be honest about your feelings. What do you truly desire? What do you truly want?

You may be deceiving yourself in some ways and you already know deep down what is right for you. Yet, you may be afraid to face the truth.  Perhaps, you already know what action step to take in order to make your life better, but you may not be acting upon it. Archangel Michael is here to support and give you the courage to do what is right and in your best interests. Be honest with yourself and others. Do not be afraid to say what you need to say. Do not compromise. Confront your fears so that they have not control on you. Liberate yourself!

This message is urging you to stop ignoring that feeling within which is trying to tell you something. No matter how intimidated you feel about making life changes, know that with this change and the first step you take in this direction, come many beautiful blessings and growth lessons. The more authentic you remain, the more positive the outcome will be.

Number 6 – Brigit: Don’t Back Down

Now is not the time to give up on whatever you started. Goddess Brigit brings you the message to stay on your current path. Don’t back down. You may feel like giving up on something. But, in truth, you are really close to the finish line. It is important that you stand up for your beliefs and continue pushing forward.

To some of you, this message brings guidance to put your foot down. If someone is acting in an unfair manner, it is time to draw the boundaries and take back your power.

Do not worry about how your actions will impact others. Do not worry about safety, for you are protected as you make up your mind to pursue matters which are important to you now. And most importantly, do not give up on your dreams and goals.

Source: angel tarot with sonya

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