Sheep As Far As The Eye Can See Block The Road

The incident, which took place in the city of Puerto Natales in the south of the country, was captured in a hilarious video.

Recording through a cracked windscreen, the passenger films the sea of sheep in the road ahead as two farmers on horseback attempt to herd them.

Initially as the vehicle approaches the sheep appear to run towards it.

But as soon as they realize that the car isn’t going to stop, or disappear, they begin heading off in separate directions.

The obedient ones move to the right and continue on their journey while others head off to the left – frightened by the approaching vehicle.

The animals run from left to right as the car approaches, while others get momentarily stranded in the middle

Some get momentarily stranded in the middle and can be seen hastily deciding on the best way to go.
The sheer number of sheep is incredible – not only do they take up the road entirely, they can also be seen on the rising bank on the left hand side of the road.

There are literally sheep as far as the eye can see. The heard doesn’t seem to end.

Eventually as the car continues to progress forward there is light at the end of the tunnel and clear road is visible ahead.

Have you ever seen as many sheep as shown here?

Source: daily mail

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