The Magical Scottish Drummers Known As Clanadonia

Clanadonia is a world famous Scottish Tribal Drum and Pipes band that is known for their animated and exciting performances that blend modern music with the Celtic traditions of Scotland. This is very apparent from their clothing and use of bagpipes.

The band originally started as a close combat stunt crew for movies and television. They were mostly featured in movies such as – Gladiator, Braveheart, The New World, and King Arthur.

According the the members of the band, their sole mission is to spread drum and bagpipe filled madness throughout the general public.

They released their first album in 2007, titled “Keepin’ It Tribal” which was positively received all around the world.

10 years later in October of 2017, they finally listened to their fans and started producing more music for their second album – “Keepin’ It Tribal 2”

If you love the exciting beat of tribal drums and the magical sound of bagpipes, then you are definitely going to love Clanadonia. You can watch some of their different street performances in the various videos below.

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