The One Secret He’s Hiding In A Relationship Based On His Zodiac Sign

One of the best parts of getting into a relationship is the early phase when you are just getting to know each other. It honestly feels so exciting. It’s like meeting your new best friend, but with those lovey-dovey butterflies in your stomach making you blush! The sparks are flying, and there is nothing on earth that you would rather do than spend hours talking to your new man all about life. You want to hear his thoughts on every topic under the sun. In fact, you just want to hear all of his thoughts on, well, everything. And most importantly of all, you want to know exactly what he thinks of you, and just how he’s feeling when he looks into your eyes.

Honesty is so important in a relationship. In fact, if you think that you can have a happy, healthy relationship without honesty, you might not be ready for a serious relationship. But the truth is that every single person on the planet does keep a few secrets—even from their significant other. No relationship has one hundred percent honesty, all the time. Here’s the one secret that your man might be hiding, based on his zodiac sign.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): He Will Be More Upfront With You Than Most Guys

Fire signs all have a few strong personality traits that are very similar. However, they can act quite differently in relationships. It’s tough to generalize the type of secrets that these guys might hide. So, if you’re dating an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, what can you expect in terms of secrets and honesty? Well, it will definitely vary based on their signs. These signs can also be unpredictable at times, so it can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you say yes to dating one of these guys! But don’t worry, they are no more likely to lie to you than any other sign in the zodiac.

In fact, some of them are more likely to be upfront with you than guys born under other elements.

At the end of the day, it all depends on the individual guy. Just because he’s a fire sign doesn’t mean you’ll be able to figure out exactly what kind of secrets he’s keeping—but knowing that he was born under this element can definitely provide you with a few important clues. Want to figure out what might be going on in his head? Just keep on reading.

Aries: He Still Thinks About His Past Flings

Okay, we would just like to preface this by saying that just because an Aries guy thinks about his past flings does NOT mean that he is considering leaving you for an ex. In fact, although Aries guys may have a reputation of struggling with commitment, this is only an issue BEFORE he actually gets into a relationship. Here’s the thing — if an Aries guy says that he actually wants to be your boyfriend, he will be very loyal, and he will not stray. Because an Aries guy will not agree to date you unless he is 100% committed to the idea — these guys do not settle down with just anyone, unless they really love them!

However, the truth is that Aries guys will still continue to think about past flings after they get into a relationship, even if they have every intention of staying with the girl they are with forever. They have a tendency to let their thoughts wander, and sometimes as they daydream, their thoughts will turn to the ghosts of girlfriends past, and they can’t help but spend a few moments missing them and wondering how they are doing today. It’s nothing serious — but he’ll never admit it.

Leo: He Values Money Over Relationships

Now, good luck getting a Leo guy to admit to this dirty little secret — but now, the cat’s out of the bag. Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of Leo guys out there who will grow out of this tendency, but for those who don’t, it could end up ruining many of their future relationships. So if you are dating a Leo guy, it’s best to be aware that he might feel this way before you get in too deep. So, here’s what your Leo guy could be hiding from you — he just might care about money more than your relationship.

We know, we know, this is the last thing on earth that any girl (or guy!) who has just fallen in love wants to hear. It can be heartbreaking to realize that the person you care about might care more about finances and expensive material things than your relationship.

However, if this is true for your Leo guy, the signs are actually quite easy to spot.

Does he cancel plans to take on extra hours at work? Does he refuse to spend money on gifts for you or fun dates together? These are both red flags for Leo guys.

Sagittarius: Sometimes He Feels Tied Down

If you’ve actually managed to get a fun-loving Sagittarius guy to settle down, congratulations! This is a major accomplishment for any girl, especially if you’re not actually a Sagittarius yourself. It takes a lot for these guys to decide to stick with one woman. So it wants to be in a serious relationship with you, give yourself a pat on the back — you must be a truly special woman! And you’ve probably found yourself a special guy. When a Sagittarius guy is with the right girl, the relationship will never be boring for one second — there is always a new adventure around the corner! However, your Sagittarius guy could still be hiding one secret in particular.

The truth is that even when a Sagittarius guy is super happy in a relationship, he will have moments when he feels tied down and wonders if he would be happier if he went back to his independent, carefree lifestyle as a single man. It’s just in his nature to wonder, “What if?” If this isn’t something that you can accept, you would definitely be better off just avoiding Sagittarius guys altogether, because it’s not a habit that they really get over as they get older.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): They’re Quite Tough To Read

It’s hard to imagine an earth sign being dishonest, right? On the surface, it does seem like they would be incapable of telling a guy. That’s just not their style, right? After all, they have pretty high standards for their own behavior. So why would they allow themselves to fall short of that by being dishonest? Well, here’s the thing — it’s not like they will outright lie to you. They don’t really see “hiding” something, or lying by omission (a.k.a. simply not telling you unless you specifically ask), as such a bad thing.

They think it’s necessary to protect the relationship and keep things stable.

So, what kinds of secrets are these guys actually hiding? It can be hard to tell — as you probably know if you are dating a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn guy, they can be quite tough to read. Most guys already try to avoid getting super emotional or wearing their hearts on their sleeves, but earth signs take this mindset to another level. But it’s okay if you can’t read your guy’s mind. That’s exactly why we’re here to help you out. Earth signs can make great boyfriends, but that doesn’t mean they are always perfect.

Taurus: He Misses His Old Routines

Taurus guys can be very attached to their routines. They like to have certain schedules and stick to them without question. While this may seem a little over the top to some people, this is just a mindset that helps them thrive. Now, obviously, when you get into a relationship, this can disrupt your routines. In fact, it can change your whole life around! Suddenly, time that this Taurus guy would spend going to the gym for his usual work out plan, reading a new book after work, or even just running errands on Sunday to get ready for the week is the time that he could spend with you. He ends up falling out of his usual routines, and at first, he doesn’t mind, because he’s excited to be with you.

But the truth is that a Taurus guy will always need a balance between time with you and time doing his own thing. If you can’t achieve this balance, he will end up harboring some negative thoughts and feelings instead. He will be missing his old routines, but he won’t feel like he is able to admit it you because he’ll be scared that you will be upset with him.

Virgo: He Gets Frustrated When You Make Little Mistakes

It’s no secret that Virgo guys are some of the biggest perfectionists in the zodiac (don’t worry, we’ll get to Capricorn guys in just a second — we’re not letting them off the hook, either). They care about every little detail, no matter what the situation. Sometimes they drive themselves a little bit crazy trying to make everything perfect! And they might drive you a little crazy with this attitude if you’re dating them. Now, here’s the thing about Virgo guys — if you want to put pressure on yourself to be as close to perfect as possible, we’re not going to stop you.

You can live your life however you want — do what makes you feel happy and fulfilled, right?

But the truth is that Virgo guys also have a tendency to put this kind of pressure on other people, and that can be super frustrating. Look, some of us are a lot more laid back, and that’s okay. Your Virgo guy might get super annoyed at you when you make little mistakes — he won’t always tell you, but you may be able to tell just by his actions alone. Unfortunately, this is just something you have to accept when dating a Virgo guy.

Capricorn: He Worries That Your Relationship Will Get In The Way Of His Goals

Look, this might be a bit of controversial statement, but since we’re on the subject of honesty, we might as well cut to the chase. You know how magazines these days are always talking about how “you can have it all?” You can balance everything, right? It’s a nice thought, but every single commitment you make will take up a certain amount of time in your life — that’s just unavoidable. “Having it all” is kind of a pointless idea — there will be times in life when you have to pick and choose. And this is where Capricorn guys really tend to struggle. They do want to be in relationships, but at the same time, they know that this is a time commitment, and they don’t want to be distracted from their other goals.

Therefore, sometimes they end up in a sticky situation. They get into a relationship, thinking that once the honeymoon phase has died down, they will be able to return to some of their old routines and spend more time focusing on their career again. Well, this is not the case — you can’t just ignore your relationship! They may worry that dating you is getting in the way of their goals.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Have Some Difficulties With Honesty In A Relationship

When it comes to dating, there are definitely a few air signs out there who have, well…we’ll just say “questionable” reputations. Actually, let’s be honest —if you know a thing or two about astrology, you’ve probably had your doubts about dating any air sign guys! But if you’ve fallen for one, don’t worry. We’re not about to tell you that they’re all a lost cause. But some of them definitely do have some issues when it comes to honesty. In fact, they have a tendency to hide more than one secret in relationships.

However, if you figure out what you’re in for early on, it won’t be such a big deal if these issues come up in the future — and isn’t that the case no matter what your guy’s sign is?

So, why do air signs especially have some difficulties with honesty in relationships? It’s really just their personalities — they are typically used to playing the field and refusing to settle down, getting into relationships for all the wrong reasons, or staying completely single for a long time and doing whatever they want. But it’s totally possible for these guys to get into happy relationships — you just have to be prepared!

Gemini: He Misses Being Single And Flirty

Now, your Gemini guy might THINK that he’s doing a good job of hiding this, but you may have already picked up on it. Here’s the thing — he will never admit it to you outright because he knows that it would hurt your feeling. But the truth is that Gemini guys are so used to being single and doing their own thing, that even when he settles down into a happy relationship he will still have moments of missing “the good old days.” He gets nostalgic, and he can’t help it. But as we just explained, even if you notice him getting a little weird if the topic of past relationships ever comes up, he will probably never just say what’s really on his mind. Now, if this only happens once in a while, it’s not a big deal — in fact, if he truly loves you, he probably feels guilty about it.

However, if you notice that he seems to spend a lot of time thinking about the past, the fact of the matter is that he may just not be ready for a real relationship yet. If it’s time to let go, then you are better off being single.

Libra: He Worries About How You Two “Look” Together

Ouch. Now, we admit, hearing this one could hurt, but if you want to date a Libra guy, this is just one of the flaws that you’ll have to accept. No relationship is all sunshine and rainbows after all. So, what do we mean by this? When we say that a Libra guy worries about how you two “look” together, it basically means that he gets way too hung up on appearances sometimes. He starts thinking that people will judge you two for being together if you seem too different.

Long story short, these guys often end up caring way too much about what other people think, and this can really damage their relationships with others if they’re not careful — especially their romantic relationships.

If you’re starting to get the sense that your Libra man is spending too much time worrying about what other people think of your relationship, it is definitely time to sit down and have a talk with him. Some of them will be able to get over this anxiety, and some of them won’t. If he turns out to be the second kind, you may have to step back for a while and give him space to grow.

Aquarius: He Doesn’t Like Being A “Shoulder To Cry On”

Alright, this is one of the biggest issues that Aquarius men (and the women who date them) end up facing in relationships. Basically, these guys are used to being independent. Not only is it rare for them to settle down into serious relationships, they also just tend to keep a small circle of friends. They don’t have active social lives, and it’s not for lack of options — they are just highly self-sufficient and would often rather do things by themselves than try to get other people on board with their plans.

So when an Aquarius guy gets into a relationship, he gets a little freaked out by the thought of having to “be there for you” whenever you need him. He’s not super emotional, and he doesn’t always know the best way to deal with things when you’re getting upset. Of course, he’s going to keep his mouth shut about this because any guy knows that telling a girl you don’t want to listen to her problems will drive her away in an instant. He will just have to learn how to step up and be a better man when you’re feeling down if he wants the relationship to work.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): He’ll Do His Best Not To Scare You Away

If you’re dating a guy born under a water sign, you already know without a doubt that you’re going to be riding an emotional roller coaster every once in a while. And you know that even though on some days, he can be an open book, on other days, he might just want his privacy — and that’s okay! Don’t we all get like that sometimes? However, there are some things he might keep quiet about for the duration of your relationship if he can help it. Like we said, these signs can be very private when they want to be, so don’t expect that you’ll be able to pry any secrets out of him.

If he wants to keep something to himself, he will.

But that does not mean we can’t give you a few clues about what his secrets might be! And don’t worry, it’s not anything too sketchy. These guys are sensitive souls, and they do want to treat you right and do the best that they can to make you happy. We’ll clue you in on a few things that he might be staying tight-lipped about — the answers might surprise you, but don’t let them scare you away!

Cancer: Sometimes He Feels Like You Take Advantage Of His Kindness

You probably know by now that Cancer guys are so sweet — in fact, they just might be the sweetest signs in the zodiac. So we don’t blame you for falling for them! Once you’ve dated a Cancer guy, it’s honestly hard to get used to another sign. This is because they’re so attentive and caring about all of the little details that other guys would normally overlook or even completely forget. But here’s the thing — there’s a reason that they often choose to date other Cancer girls. Yes, girls of all different signs might be after them, but they want to be with someone who will give them the same kind of treatment that they would give a girl! It’s only fair, right?

So, let’s say that you’re the one in the relationship who isn’t as warm and fuzzy. Well, you might need to step your game up a bit, because here’s your Cancer guy’s secret: sometimes, he feels like you are taking advantage of his kindness, and because he is almost TOO nice, he doesn’t know how to bring it up! After all, he doesn’t want to make you feel bad. You’ll need to pay very close attention to his feelings.

Scorpio: He Feels Like You Don’t Take His Emotions Seriously

Here’s another quick astrology fact that isn’t exactly a big secret — Scorpio guys are the most emotional dudes in the zodiac. Yes, they beat out all of the other water signs, even Pisces men! So, you might expect him to open up and tell you everything. And most of the time, you would be right to expect this, because he will act like this pretty frequently.

However, this is not a constant thing, even Scorpio guys choose to keep things to themselves once in a while. And here’s why — he will end up keeping certain things a secret because he’s afraid that you won’t take his emotions seriously. And this creates another problem because he won’t even tell you that this is his fear.

Scorpio men are often taught to be ashamed of their emotions, so sometimes when they open up to someone, they end up regretting it.

They sit around wondering, “Did I say too much? Did I go too far? Oh, no, they must think I’m crazy.” You will definitely need to reassure him that this is not the case at all and that he is free to tell you whatever is on his mind — no matter what.

Pisces: He Is Scared That You Will Get Tired Of Him

Pisces men (and Pisces women) often feel very insecure. This sign is very sensitive in a world that often looks down on emotional, introverted people. They often feel like a bit of an outcast from a young age — although they may have some good friends, they don’t feel like they are ever part of the “cool” crowd, and they might struggle to find a group that they truly feel like they fit in with. So when they do finally meet someone who they truly click with it, it will feel like a miracle to them at first. It’s love at first sight! But over time, they may start to form some doubts. They will wonder, “Is this too good to be true? Does this girl really love me as much as she says she does? No way.”

A Pisces guy might get worried that you think you’re “out of his league,” or that he just isn’t good enough for you. His secret fear? He thinks that you’ll get tired of him and leave him — perhaps with no warning. It’s not his fault that he struggles to trust people — the truth is that many people have probably not treated him so well.

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