The Worst Month of 2018 According to Your Zodiac Sign

From January to December, every month has its ups and downs. Some months may start off strong, but end on a sour note– of course, the opposite can also happen. But this year, some zodiac signs will have it worse during certain months, according to Elite Daily. And we’re talking, like, the entire month. So, what block of time should you look out for in 2018? Read on below as we highlight the worst month of 2018, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries. Sumer 2018 isn’t on your side, Aries. Like, at all. This June, make sure you take some time to focus on your mental and physical health. Take a bubble bath, smoke some weed, or just chill out with a face mask on. Whatever you do, make sure you slow TF down.

Taurus. September 2018 is likely to be a month with a lot of upheaval and change, as Uranus will have a strong influence over your chart. I know you hate change Taurus, but this month will be one to remain patient and go with the flow.

Gemini. Come August, your “seventh house of love and partnerships will be compromised,” Elite Daily reports. In other words, expect a ton of misunderstandings. The good news? You can avoid these by being crystal clear with what it is you want — and need — from others.

Cancer. Bad news, Cancer: your month of terror is coming soon. Like, way soon. March is going to be rough AF for you this year, especially because Mercury is going to be in retrograde. While misunderstandings during this time are inevitable, try to take things slow. The more careful, the better.

Leo. Look out for August this year, Leo. Although it is your birthday month, it turns out that in 2018, it’s also going to be a Mercury retrograde period. You know what that means: your birthday plans are going to chaotic AF. (Good thing it’s your party and you can cry if you want to, huh?)

Virgo. Goods news, Virgo: you have quite a time to go before your worst month hits. Come January, however, and all hell is going to break loose. “You can expect conflicts to occur in your personal and professional life as your eighth house will be somewhat challenged at this time,” Elite Daily reports. Eesh.

Libra. Wake up, Libra! Your worst month of 2018 is happening to you right. now. Yes, seriously. “You might be filled with tension, anxiety, and a lack of sleep due to overworking yourself,” according to Elite Daily. So, make sure you take the time to look after yourself— both mentally and physically.

Scorpio. April showers are a thing, and they’re going to be especially brutal for you, Scorpio. This April, you’re going to be brutally sensitive about your relationships (past and current), so try not to take things too personally. Difficult to do? Yes. But possible? Totally.

Sagittarius. While you may be a fan of the holidays, Sag, this year, November is going to be rough. You’re going to spend the month correcting past f*ck ups, so just try and take it a little easy on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes.

Capricorn. Happy birthday, Capricorn! (We didn’t forget it’s your season!) That said, it’s best to enjoy the time now because once April hits, well, let’s just say you won’t be celebrating. “During April 2018, the Mercury retrograde will be creating some chaos when it comes to your health, so if there’s any health related issues you’ve been ignoring, take care of them now,” Elite Daily explains. “The more you make those efforts now, the less you’ll be affected by this retrograde.”

Aquarius. Oh, Aquarius. July is going to be particularly brutal for you this year, as both your health and love life will be tested. Make sure you give some attention to the aspects of your life you’re ignoring. In other words, stop procrastinating!

Pisces. “May 2018 is a month when Jupiter’s influence in your chart could lead to some severe overindulgence,” according to Elite Daily. The fix? Make sure you stay grounded— if not, be prepared to face the consequences come June. (Trust us: they won’t be pretty.)

Source: Rebel Circus

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