This Is What Her Soulmate Looks Like, Based On Her Sign

Throughout history, the concept of soulmates has been woven into romance ideology around the world. The idea that there’s one perfect person for all of us is what half the world is holding out for, even today, in the age of Tinder. A soulmate is sometimes said to carry the other half of your heart and by joining it with the one you have, they complete you. Soulmates fit with us like a puzzle piece, chosen to be our best friends and lovers by destiny and the stars.

But for some people, that’s all a bit farfetched. Whether you believe in having one true soulmate or not, there’s no denying that certain personalities are more compatible together than others. Some people are just well-suited to romantic relationships with a particular kind of person and can never make it last with anybody else. The stars might still come into it too since our personalities are said to be affected by the time of year we’re born and the Astrological sign we’re born under.

We as individuals might not have unique soulmates predetermined by fate, but there’s a good chance our signs do. Read on to find out what your soulmate looks like based on your sign.

The Fire Signs Crave Someone Who Will Shine Brightly Beside Them

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, otherwise known as the fire signs, are naturally attracted to people who share their magnetic, passionate energy. They are best suited to those who will strike the balance between accompanying them on their many adventures and grounding them in the heat of the moment.

These signs are the superstars of Astrology, and while they don’t like to be outshined, they are most compatible with someone who can hold their own next to them.

Fire soulmates aren’t intimidated by strong personalities, have big voices that get their point across, and have equal amounts of star quality.

Aries Wants Someone Who Will Show Her Loyalty And Let Her Lead

Aries is the leader of the signs, so of course, when it comes to a relationship, she doesn’t want to be told what to do. In most cases, Aries will be drawn to someone who lets her wear the pants. Even if her soulmate wants to be the boss some of the time, they will never dominate her.

Loyalty is incredibly important to this sign, so her soulmate will always be loyal to her and never do anything to make her question that loyalty. That part of their relationship will always be totally clear to her and will make her feel safe and secure.

Leo’s Soulmate Is A Looker And A Charmer

Call it shallow, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting your partner to look good. Leo is a visual gal, so her soulmate always looks good to her.

They might not be attractive in a conventional way, or attractive to anybody else, but they are always attractive to her.

Her soulmate will make her feel good about herself by complimenting her, giving her gifts, accompanying her out to be her arm candy, and impressing her family and friends. Leo’s soulmate is also charming and smooth, and always says the right thing—one of those personalities you just can’t stay mad at!

Sagittarius Craves Someone Who Can Show Her A Whole New World

Sagittarius is the queen of curiosity and constantly craves adventure, travel, and new experiences. These things are usually more important to her than settling down, so the most important thing she looks for in a soulmate is someone who will help her to have all these new exciting experiences.

The best case scenario would be a soulmate who comes from a totally different culture or background and can introduce her to a completely new way of life. But she can also find happiness with a local, as long as they are willing to come with her on her many adventures.

Fire Soulmates Aren’t Shy, Hesitant, Or Boring

The bold, confident nature of the fire signs makes them attractive to a wide variety of people, but not everybody can handle them. The flames tend to fizzle out sooner or later if their partners are overly shy, reserved, or nervous. On their end, being with a fire sign is stressful and pushes them way too far out of their comfort zone.

And while the fire signs have big hearts, they tend to get bored with people who have quieter personalities.

The key is to find the right balance—fire soulmates shouldn’t be louder or more dominant than them, but they have to be outgoing enough to handle the flames.

The Earth Signs Desire An Intelligent Partner Who Is Ambitious

Intelligence means a lot to the earth signs. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are all naturally smart- intellectually and emotionally- and crave someone who can meet them at their level. These earth signs tend to be pickier than others, so their soulmates are always great catches with lots going for them.

They don’t necessarily have to be successful or wealthy, but they do have to be ambitious. The earth signs are hard workers and being productive means a lot to them, so they won’t have a lot in common with someone who is happy to cruise along without any goals or aspirations.

Taurus Wants Someone Who Works Hard And Spoils Her

Taurus is sometimes referred to as the hard worker of the signs. While she might not find someone who works quite as hard as she does, her soulmate always shares her work ethic and gets the job done. They will connect over work stories and career aspirations and bond over wine as they complain about how early they have to get up and how late they have to stay out.

Taurus also secretly likes to be spoiled silly, so her soulmate will always surprise her with spontaneous dates, displays of affection, and generous gifts.

She’s a worker, but she wants to be treated like a princess.

Virgo’s Lover Must Have Goals, And Must Be Working Toward Them

Virgo does not live in the present. Everything she does is for the future. She never stops trying to improve and work towards her many goals. Her soulmate, therefore, is someone who can match her ambitions.

Virgo actually suffers from second-hand stress when she sees her loved ones carelessly plodding along without a plan or a goal, so she can’t be with someone who thinks it’s all going to work out by itself. Her soulmate understands her need to plan for the future and bust her tail achieving her dreams and will feel the same about their own dreams.

Capricorn Needs Someone Who Gets Her Ambitions And Supports Her

If there’s anybody more ambitious than Virgo, it’s Capricorn. This is another sign who lives for the future and will literally stop at nothing until she gets where she wants to be. Because she has such big aspirations in life, she is sometimes distracted from her home life and is sometimes emotionally distant.

This doesn’t mean she’s doomed to be lonely—just that she needs to be with someone who understands how she works.

Her soulmate understands how much she desires to achieve her goals and supports her in any way they can while she’s on her way there.

Earth Soulmates Aren’t Rowdy, Careless, Or Obnoxious

The earth signs can let loose and have fun when they want, but on the whole, they’re among the most reserved, well-mannered, and careful signs in Astrology. In most cases, they aren’t well suited to those who are the direct opposite of all those things.

While they can find happiness with people who have louder, more confident or more outgoing personalities, they can get annoyed quite quickly with people who live to party, don’t think anything through, and have no awareness of whether they’re imposing on others or not. Manners and self-awareness definitely matter to these meticulous signs.

The Air Signs Need A Soulmate Who Won’t Hold Them Back

The air signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius—are usually much more laid-back than their earthy counterparts. They’re not too picky when it comes to finding a mate and are tolerant and accepting of most flaws. What really matters to them, though, to the point where it’s not negotiable, is their ability to keep their independence in a relationship.

These signs feel the need to float away sometimes, and they don’t want to be held back just because they’re in love.

For this reason, air soulmates are always equally tolerant, understanding, and accepting. They don’t rob the air signs of their identity or freedom.

Gemini Wants Someone Who Will Keep Her Guessing

Commitment, security, and routine are things that a lot of people crave in relationships, but for Gemini, these ideas can be quite daunting. While she does of course desire somebody who is loyal to her, she doesn’t like to betray her sense of self or freedom for love.

Her soulmate understands this and never does anything to make her feel like she’s stuck in a rut. They know that she can be a bit restless, so they’ll try to keep her guessing. Gemini soulmates are full of surprises and spontaneity in order to make sure that she never gets bored.

Starry-Eyed Libra Desires Someone Who Will Romance Her

Traditional romance is more important to Libra than it is to any other sign. She is a natural lover and has probably spent a lot of time in her life fantasizing about the perfect wedding day.

She’s a naturally understanding person and will give in on many things, but the one thing she must have is romance.

Libra soulmates always have the best moves, and know what to say and do to bring her to her knees. They are also comfortable with having the gestures returned back on them since Libra likes to do a bit of romancing herself.

Aquarius Needs A Partner Who Understands The Way Her Mind Works

A typical air sign, Aquarius needs to be free to run with the wind when it calls her. Her soulmate never tries to tie her down, but more importantly, completely understands the way her mind works. Sometimes Aquarius can act in ways that are a little confusing to others, but her soulmate will always become familiar with what makes her tick.

They will give her space when she needs it and be able to read her well enough to know when she’s upset. She doesn’t like to air out her feelings, so her soulmate needs to be a very good reader.

Air Soulmates Are Never Possessive Or Controlling

Nobody wants a partner who is too possessive or controlling, but these traits are total deal-breakers for the air signs and will never be displayed by their true soulmates. The more you try to control an air sign, the more she will rebel and crave independence.

When air signs do get into relationships with people who are too clingy, try to limit their lifestyles, and try to stop them from following their hearts, it’s never a happy ending.

The couple either splits, the air signs live in sadness lamenting the fact that they can’t be free, or they continue to live as they want to in secret.

The Water Signs Want A Deep Emotional Connection

When it comes to the water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—emotions are everything. The most intuitive of the signs, they always have a feeling when they meet “the one.” They just know when they connect with someone who understands them and who is a good fit for them.

There aren’t really specific personality traits that all water soulmates possess, but they will always be undeniably attractive to the water signs, whether they’re good-looking or not. They will instantly click with the water signs, will understand and accept them, and fall in love with their souls rather than with anything on the outside.

Cancer Needs Someone She Can Care For And Who Will Care For Her

For Cancer, it’s all about nurturing. This sign is blessed with the most maternal instincts in Astrology and feels the most useful when she is supporting others and caring for them.

Her soulmate needs her the way she wants to be needed and is usually even a little clingy, which she likes.

In the same way, her soulmate is always there for her when she feels overworked and when she needs support in return. Though she serves as the primary carer in the relationship, she never feels like she has nobody to fall back on since her partner’s always willing to step up.

Scorpio’s Soulmate Attracts Her On Every Level

The energy between Scorpio and her soulmate is strong and impenetrable. These two are extremely attracted to each other in all ways. Not only does she find her soulmate physically desirable, but she is attracted to their intellect, spirit, and soul. When Scorpio finds her soulmate, she likes to be consumed by them.

She wants to spend as much time as she can with them, tell them everything that’s going on in her life, and solve all their problems for them. They share quite an intense relationship, but then again, no more intense than everything else in Scorpio’s life.

Pisces Craves A Partner Who Inspires Her

Pisces’ soulmate is always a source of inspiration to her. She is creative and artistic and likes to draw inspiration from those she cares most about. Her partner will give her the kick she needs to get going and will help her to stop dreaming about creating something and actually create it.

Pisces’ soulmate is also a little more level-headed than she is and can bring her back to earth when she starts to get lost in her dreams.

They support her in fantasizing about the life she wants, but then also give her the support she needs to make her dreams a reality.

Water Soulmates Aren’t Impatient Or Tactless

While there aren’t specific personality traits that all water soulmates display, there are traits that they never do. Because the water signs are sensitive creatures (yes, even Scorpio), their soulmates are never impatient with them. They always have tact and will never say anything carelessly to offend or hurt the water signs.

The water signs usually don’t waste a lot of time in relationships that don’t serve them because they can tell more quickly than the average person when someone is right for them and when they’re not. If they’re dating someone who fails to understand them or loses their patience easily, they’re turned off pretty quickly.

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