What The Last Month Of 2017 Will Look Like For You, Based On Your Zodiac

Let’s delve into what does the last month of the year still has in store for you.  The energies are still shifting and here’s what the last few days of 2017 have to offer your Zodiac sign.


You’re going to be busy AF this month. It’s Action Stations for Aries, and in a purposeful, satisfying way. Stick to your guns if you meet an obstacle in the form of an authority of some sort. Listen to their views, think before you speak, and aim for a compromise that you can live with, that doesn’t hold things up. You’ve got shit to do, Aries!


A little tussle with someone who has played a *Monica* role in your life (i.e. fussy, cynical judge) comes to a head. Getting out from under their watchful gaze, and bad vibes, gives you a renewed sense of freedom. Well done for handling it so well. Go celebrate in Taurean style, i.e. at the buffet.


The Gemini personality is perfectly formed to make its owner a self made success. A toolkit of talent, relentless energy and imagination puts you ahead of the curve in the entrepreneurial stakes. And, importantly, you’re happy to work alone. There’s so much going on in your head that it’s actually sometimes a relief. This month, your plans for *World Domination* take a forwards leap. Savour this success (with your twin self).


You’ve a tendency to cling to the status quo, even when it doesn’t make you happy. But, deep down, you feel conflict and churning thoughts about something you’ve stuck with. Why? Follow the ‘why’ until you hit a nerve… There! That’s the emotional need you need to address. Are you being guided by a fear, vs a hope, and is that really a place you wish to remain?


A *thing* with a Fire sign flame (Leo, Aries or Sagittarius) you’re currently dallying with, or have previously, is set to heat up this month. Rapid. Expect travel, social whirlwinds and adventures, all cut through with a streak of passion. Things will burn brightly, and, you know what, this fire could last too…


*SPOILER* you’re about to make significant changes for the better in your life, and it’s all going to happen super-fast! Not like you really, is it? It almost feels like some kind of quest or mission. News, offers and opportunities will flow in unexpectedly; so be prepared to react quickly. This is a whirlwind move to make giant leaps from small opportunities. Dream big, because the world is smaller than you think, and you can go further than you believe.


You’re growing a little *tired* of being leaned on, confided in, consulted and, at times, drained by some needy friends / family / colleagues. Go off-grid, Libra. Go on. It’ll do them good not to be able to access you and have to stand on their own two feet. Your own emotional needs are in danger of being neglected. What do you most want to do this month? OK. Do it.


Should I stay or should I go now? Good question. What worries you about the answer is whether either option will actually make you happier.

You should accept you’re in a little limbo, not for long, and leave your options open for now. Plaster a smile on, fake it till you make it, go and have some FUN. A path will form whilst you’re not really looking.


It’s not like you to be quiet or withdrawn, but you’ve been busy reflecting and ruminating on the next chapter in your life story. What to write? Something needs ‘The End’ scribing underneath it and, in doing so, you can focus on a new Prologue.

That aside, it’s the season to be generous (which you are a natural at) so go give to those you love. There are gifts from the Universe lining up for you too.


You’ve persevered, grafted and pushed, when many others would’ve given up. And all in your typical unassuming, determined way. No one sees Capricorn overtaking them; they just wake up one day and find you at the forefront. So, now, take a break. A REAL one. From everything. The Universe has decided you need it and will make sure nothing big happens whilst you’re out the picture. Go relax


Stepping up to get what you feel you now deserve, and are ready to handle, may mean leaving a place you’re currently at. Are you OK with that? Good, because it’s time. Once you commit to this promotion / increase in responsibility / new obligation in your life, the Universe will start bringing you wonderful opportunities and ideas to make it a great success.


You’re an emotional creature, Pisces, and you can’t hide from your needs and desires for long. But, this month, there’s a balancing act to be surmounted. A conflict between what you want RIGHT NOW and its impact on you longer term, or vice versa. Take some time to figure out a sensible, low risk way forwards; neither scuppering yourself today, nor sowing bad seeds to reap tomorrow.


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