What You See First Reveals Your Shadow Self

The first thing you see in this image reveals the secrets of your inner self…

This quick photo quiz will reveals your shadow self. The first thing you notice in this picture will tell you a lot about what is going on in your subconscious mind. There are many things to be seen in this picture but the important one is the one that you notice first. The one you notice first is a reflection of what is going on in your subconscious shadow self. This subconscious shadow self reveals what motivates and steers us the most in life.

According to Carl Jung in “On the Psychology of the Unconscious”:

“It is a frightening thought that man also has a shadow side to him, consisting not just of little weaknesses- and foibles, but of a positively demonic dynamism. The individual seldom knows anything of this; to him, as an individual, it is incredible that he should ever in any circumstances go beyond himself. But let these harmless creatures form a mass, and there emerges a raging monster.”

Take a look at this photo and remember what you notice first…

If you noticed the mountains first… You are driven by your own mind.

You are an intellectual person who always does the practical thing. You are guided in life mostly by your own thoughts. Your own personal thoughts are your biggest motivator in life. Due to this constant mindfulness and abundance of caution you tend to put work above everything else in life. Sometimes you need to stop focusing on the difficult journey ahead and spend more time relaxing. The fact that you saw the mountains first means you are always focused on the tasks ahead. While this may get you far professionally, you won’t be happy if you don’t learn to relax.

If you noticed the bear first… You are motivated by love.

The bear is a symbol of fierce, intense passion. If you noticed the bear first you are likely an extremely passionate person especially when it comes to affairs of the heart. You saw the bear first because you have an unstoppable ferocity inside of you. When it comes to those you love, you would do anything you could to protect them. You might have even been compared to a mama bear protecting her cubs in the past. It is a pretty accurate description – you don’t let anything happen to the ones you love.

If you noticed the trees first… You are guided by your passion.

You are known as the life of the party. You are talkative and love to communicate with others. The trees represent a desire to be social and communicate with others. The trees represent a lively conversation which is what draws you to them. You are happiest in a group of people, having a spirited chat among friends. You are always eager to make new friends and that spirit of friendliness is what guides you in life.

If you saw the moon first… You are driven by your dreams.

You saw the moon first because you always have your head in the clouds. You are driven by your dreams and aspirations for the future. Your thoughts for the future take over your mind and your actual dreams sometimes end up being the fantasies you daydream about all day. Sometimes you get a little bit distracted with daydreaming but you know that one day all your hopes and dreams will come true with a little bit of hard work. Don’t let perfection become the enemy of good, though. Just because something isn’t the way you dreamed it was doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Sometimes you have to accept reality for what it is.

Source: David Wolfe

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