When the ‘Right’ One Comes at the ‘Wrong’ Time, The Misplaced Soulmate

“When a soulmate walks into your life, you are forever changed… and this is a precious gift.” — Pamela Dussault

People deny they exist. Nobody wants to admit they still believe. But soulmates do exist. And for a very good reason — it’s time to wake up.

A spiritual awakening is one where we discover who we really are and realize how we are really living. It’s when we wake up and suddenly see just how much we have been pretending that we and our lives are good when the opposite is true. It’s when we realize we have been denying reality and have been hiding behind a mask — the one we have presented to the world as who we are. It’s when we realize we’ve been lying to and betraying ourselves and everyone around us.

These awakenings of the truth — your truth — can’t be denied forever. Underneath all the self-deceptions you’ve believed in, your soul is crying out to be revealed. A slow crack is occurring in the foundation of your life, and soon the truth will cause it to come tumbling down. — whether you want it to or not.

And often that’s precisely why and when it happens. A soulmate walks in. At the worst possible time — or so you may think. Your soul knows it’s exactly the right time. Your soul knows it’s time for a change, which sooner than later you won’t be able to deny.

As I have written in my e-book, Understanding Soulmate Relationships, a soulmate is described as a person:

Whose purpose is to awaken you spiritually to your true self. Every soul mate we meet achieves this purpose. In order to experience this profound awakening, an equally profound experience is required. This is why we have such an intense attraction towards our soulmate. We feel like we HAVE to be with them, regardless of any possible consequences. This intense need to be with this person drives us to look within and “soul-search” which we never would do had we not had such profound feelings.

But despite the love you feel for this person and despite the intensity of the attraction, it doesn’t mean this person — this soulmate — is truly “the one.” In fact, if you are married to someone else, then most likely they aren’t “the one,” although there have been rare exceptions. No, this soulmate, while they do have a soul connection with you, is in your life to awaken you to who you really are and to the real reason you are here. Additionally, they are showing you that you have been narrowing your options and limiting your scope of what’s possible in love for you. They are your catalyst to reach for the stars.

It seems like a harsh way to bring about self-discovery and change, I know. Yet many of us are so lost in our illusions that we can’t hear the calling of our soul. We are stuck in the belief that it’s wrong to change or that it’s going to hurt the people we love if we change. But in the end, it won’t hurt anyone because the truth doesn’t hurt — only lies do. Especially lies we tell ourselves.

The truth sets everyone free. Free to explore and discover who we truly are, which, by the way, is already beautiful and divinely perfect. The truth sets us free to dive deeper into discovering why we are here. And free to experience the most profound and richly rewarding life we can dream of — and that includes relationships. Each of us has, upon birth, inherited the divine right to experience magnificence in ourselves and in every aspect of our lives. The possibilities to have the best were never restricted — we just somehow believed they were.

If you’re already on this soul journey to uncover and express your true self, chances are you’re either with or will soon be with a soulmate. Otherwise, if you’re still hiding behind a mask and living an illusion, you may want to prepare yourself for a forthcoming upheaval. Your soul may be calling for a major change. And a catalyst may be about to answer that call.

By Pamela Dussault

Source: Hpost

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