You Were Born to Live Alone, If You Have 5 Out of These 6 Traits

Being lonely and being a loner are two different things. Just because someone is alone doesn’t mean that they’re lonely. Some people prefer to be alone.

What is a loner?

A “loner” is someone who prefers to be alone because this is when they’re most comfortable; they love to be by themselves. This person likes to be alone with his or her own feelings and thoughts. They appear to be the best version of themselves without, or with little, human interaction.

If you can identify with 5 out of the 6 traits described below you might be born to live alone.

1. You try to stay away from drama.

As a loner, you tend to get along better with people who share similar qualities and not perse with people who are too outgoing. You try to avoid drama and don’t have any patience for people who are indecisive or irrational. Big groups are not your favorite as you’d prefer to have a good conversation one-on-one.

2. Time is precious to you.

You’re very punctual and prefer to spend your time wisely. You treat your own time this way but also other people’s time. This is a quality that makes you trustworthy and reliable.

3. You are aware of your capabilities.

You are very well aware of your likes and dislikes. You know yourself very well as well as your attributes. In difficult situations, you manage to stay calm and do the right thing. Other people might panic but not you, you can keep your composure.

4. You have clear personal boundaries that are important to you.

Spending time alone is something you enjoy and so, if people try to invade your personal space this can make you feel quite uncomfortable. Because you have very clear boundaries, you also respect other people’s boundaries. This is something other people deeply appreciate and which make you nice to be around.

5. You’re emphatic and intuitive.

You are very much in touch with your feelings. Because of your high level of self-awareness, you can understand other people very well too. You’re a very emphatic person and don’t find it hard to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Despite the fact that you might like to be alone, people do like having you around.

6. You love yourself.

To live alone, one must really love him or herself. You have learned how to truly accept yourself including your flaws. You try to work on your flaws and on improving your strengths. The few people that you do let into your life are really special to you.

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