Zodiac Signs That Make Terrible And Crazy Exes, Ranked From Best To Worst

Exes – they’re in our lives in some weird way even when they aren’t anymore. When two people fall into a relationship, especially one with even a spark of real love, they’ll be walking around for the rest of their days with a piece of that person with them. Some people find their peace with that; others leave their whole lives behind to jump on the crazy train.If you’re looking to find out how crazy your ex is, all you need to do is look up on a starry night. Here are exes ranked in craziness by their zodiac signs.
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Direct your gaze to the stars, and let’s see what astrology has to say about that pesky ex of yours.

In case you don’t know already, we should say that zodiac signs are just for fun. Your ex, like everyone else, is a unique human being whose qualities are based on more than just their birthday. With that said, let’s find out how coo-coo your ex really is.

12 – Aries. An Aries is the easiest ex to have in one’s life or memory, though they don’t exactly leave a pleasant aftertaste. It’s typical for an Aries to simply peace without offering any sort of closure. So, you’ll have to find that on your own.

11 – Sagittarius. Being the most well-rounded sign, a Sagittarius makes for an easygoing ex. They don’t take things too personally, and they’re eager to move forward with their lives.

10 – Taurus. Unlike their animal counterparts, human tauruses aren’t likely to tear you to shreds and trample your remains. It’s likely that you won’t be hearing from your Taurus ex anymore. They’ll move on to good things in life, though they’ll feel as though a piece of them broke off and remained with you.

9 – Aquarius. What ranks Aquarius exes so low on the crazy scale is how disengaged they are, at least on the surface. If there is any baggage left post-breakup, an Aquarius will probably just use that as emotional fuel to pursue something productive. Which is good for them, right?

8 – Libra. Even if a Libra is feeling some post-breakup head craziness, you’re not likely to see any sign of that. As you know, there isn’t anything worse for a Libra than coming across as anything but balanced and beautiful.

7 – Capricorn. Capricorns, fundamentally, want to make themselves feel good. If they’re not feeling well after a relationship, they’ll do whatever they can conceive of in order to feel better. If you broke things off semi-amicably, you likely won’t be hearing from them again. If your relationship was roughly ended, there might be a couple expressive texts in store for you over the next couple weeks, but probably nothing more.

6 – Cancer. Being smack in the middle of the list, Cancers tend to make for complicated exes. They probably have a harder time with breakups than other signs, being the most emotional of the bunch. However, they’re also quite adept at forming rebounds. All cancers have some penchant for vengeance, so your breakup might not be the last you hear of them.

5 – Pisces. If post-breakup poetry is what you’re into, date a Pisces and break up with them. These are the emo exes, the drama kings and queens. Your Pisces ex will dream about you so hard that they might appear in a dream of your own, in which case you can smack them to the moon with a mallet and be done with them again.

4 – Virgo. Virgos over think things more than any other sign, and the post break-up state is where overthinking was born. Furthermore, Virgos are great at playing things ultra chill on the surface, so you might think that you had a clean split after all. But no – on the other side of the breakup is an ocean of irrational thoughts, most of them about you. Expect at least one “btw, I hate you” text.

3 – Gemini. This is the sign that truly breaks your heart if you’re the one doing the breaking up. Geminis tend to rely on their partners to rationalize their way through life. Making it on their own is a troubling thought, so you’re not likely to hear the end of them once the breakup has been made clear.

2 – Leo. As crazy an ex as a Gemini is, they won’t hold a candle to a Leo. The fact is that Leos take breakups in a deeply personal way, seeing them as direct reflections of their lack of personal worth. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your interactions with this person will end after the breakup.

1 – Scorpio. Unlike the other signs that rank highly on this list, a Scorpio isn’t likely to contact you once things are over. Instead, they’ll stalk your social media and take everything you post as a direct offence to them personally. They’ll visit antique shops to find a voodoo doll that looks like you, and spend all afternoon sticking needles in it before setting it on fire. Don’t worry about seeing them again, but maybe ex them from your social media accounts.

Which sign are you? Are you a mental case ex boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you even know that you are? Let us know!

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