Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius – What To Expect According To Your Zodiac Sign

The messenger planet will enter its final retrograde of 2017 on December 3. As you may already know, if signals are getting scrambled and plans are going awry, there’s a good chance Mercury Retrograde has something to do with it…



You may find yourself fired up and ready to go, but just make sure you know where you’re going. If a troublesome scenario is giving you a powerful urge to get angry, you may be allowing it to get to you more than it should. Your currently enhanced skills in diplomacy, thanks to Hermes, should be used to a greater extent. Charisma is one of your greatest attributes. Believe in yourself.


In their desire to be seen as responsible, sensible and disciplined, many people often make the unfortunate mistake of repressing their more spontaneous urges. It is important now to be adaptable. That’s the key message that’s coming to you now from Hermes. Be prepared to act out of the box and an exciting new possibility will arise. A kindly cosmos is guiding through thick and thin to the ultimate destination of your fulfilment.


Just when you thought a certain problem would never get resolved, relief has come out of the blue — and if it hasn’t yet, it soon will. This Mercury retrograde period will open your eyes to a grand vision. Dramatic developments will change your circumstances and propel your life over the threshold of a new and exciting chapter of adventure. Your liberation from a long and dreary period of heavy responsibilities will be sweet.


A certain situation or person has given you good cause to feel aggrieved, fed up, downtrodden and generally hard done by. Even so, it’s not advisable to nurture these feelings. Doing so would prove highly counterproductive. An upbeat approach will attract serendipity and good fortune. Think of subjects that make you laugh. Mercury, your personal strategist, will hear your mirth and come to your aid. Good fortune will sweep into your life.


So much has happened in the past few months with Mercury’s journey through a series of celestial storms, but now he’s entering a highly auspicious area of the sky. Recent events may not make sense quite yet, but there is method in the madness of this crazy universe. A positive tide is carrying you to where you need to be – and at exactly the right time! Keep your chin up and march on.


Being half-hearted in the pursuit of a particularly important goal will only be a drag on progress. Any misgivings will cause more delays and holdups. Determination, optimism and self-confidence on the other hand will bring the dramatic improvement you need. You are now working your way through an important stage of laying the foundation of your long-term security and success. This Mercury retrograde period will be a vital stage in launching your success.


You’re loath to do something that might upset someone you care about. Your feelings are understandable, but it’s not all as dramatic as you are inclined to think. You really must put your cards on the table and assert your needs and requirements. It’s only normal. Mercury is advising you to do what must be done. The positive momentum of a crucial process in your life is unstoppable.


If you were better able to appreciate your own strengths and virtues, you wouldn’t be quite so prone to getting unsolicited advice from people who think they know better. Their self-assured viewpoints are misplaced. The truth is that your extensive experience has made you wiser than your humble self is willing to acknowledge. Tune into your intuition, especially now with Hermes close by. You have the ability to make judicious choices. There’s no hurry. Hold off on major decisions until after the end of the Mercury retrograde.


The hard work you have invested towards the accomplishment of a vital goal will pay off. You’ve been sifting through the daily dross of life in hopes of finding gold. The reward, when it comes, will bring a sense of joy and relief. You truly deserve the very best and it’s exactly what the universe plans to give you. The power of positive thought works miracles. You are able now to summon the energy and strength to achieve the impossible. Hermes will show you the way.


We find you preparing an idea or some sublime concept you wish to get off the ground. This period of the Mercury retrograde will help you work out the perfect strategy. It will soon be ready to fly. It’s hard for people to fully appreciate the breadth and scope of your bold vision. Do not be discouraged. Keep working on it. Keep the dream alive. Your plan will reach a lot of ears until it finally comes to the attention of an influential person who will take you up on it.


Life, at times, seems like one long frustrating ordeal with a few brief moments of respite. Careful, though, let’s not start thinking negatively. It is essential to vet what thoughts pass through your awareness. Keep the emphasis on the positive; positive thinking yields great power. Hermes helps the positive thinkers. A certain niggly issue you are dealing with will work out well, as long as you remain optimistic and confident. Be thankful for all that is good in your life and the universe will bring you even more!


You’ve been patiently doing what is expected of you, but now the spirit of rebellion has begun stirring deep within. Mercury is instilling a bold thought pattern in your stream of consciousness. Knowing what to do with this new burgeoning energy is quite another matter. It won’t be necessary to do anything drastic. Just sit back, take it easy and enjoy the blossoming of this new you and the freedom that it brings.


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